Remote Coaching

The daily programming provided on The Outlaw Way is, and always will be, completely free.

Should you want something more, we offer remote coaching. What we have found is that programming is only one of the pieces that makes a successful athlete. Following the best program will only get you so far. Cleaning up technique and performing the movements as flawlessly as possible—especially in a sport which rewards efficiency and punishes wasteful efforts—is what differentiates the average athlete from the truly elite.

Here are the basics of how our remote coaching works…

What is expected of you, the athlete:

  • following the programming on The Outlaw Way (unless directed otherwise).
  • recording your lifts and any requested movements/workouts on video.
  • sending a summary email every day to your Outlaw Coach which includes your weights, times, etc. for the day, along with any concerns and/or comments regarding your work. This summary email should also include links to your videos.
  • maintaining a training blog for your records.
  • timely payment of your monthly fees at our current rate of $250 per month via Paypal (a link will be provided; payable on the 1st).

What is provided by your Outlaw Coach:

  • daily feedback on your work and analysis of any video submissions.
  • answers to any questions about the workouts, movements, and competition strategy.
  • advice on how to improve your lifting (Olympic, Power, or any accessories), skill work (i.e. gymnastics), and any other movements where efficiency may be improved.
  • programming supplementation as needed to work around injury, prepare for specific competition (i.e. Regionals, The CrossFit Games), or target a particular weakness.

If you would like to begin, please fill out the form below.