August 23rd – 25th, 2013

RFS CrossFit

Sarasota, FL

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>The Para Bellum Series

With the third iteration of the Outlaw Training Camps, we are weaving in new elements to help everyone from coaches to athletes understand and implement holistic movement principles, and adapt them into every aspect of their training. Our camps have always espoused the benefits of virtuoso level technical development. Now, with “The Para Bellum Series”, we will continue to define and add new aspects to our obsession with the kinesthetic perfection of the athlete.

>New Additions

-Friday will now be a full day.
-New Powerlifting instructional and practical section led by Sua Sponte Barbell’s, John Dill.
-Three day practical programming lecture focused on implementing the Limited Conjugate Outlaw template.
-The practical programming lecture will be accompanied by handouts including percentage waves, rep/set schemes, lift variations descriptions, hierarchy of movements, and other programming basics.
-Full “how to” lecture with Spencer Arnold centered on breaking down lifts with Coaches Eye.
-Coaching and preparation of competitors section led by Michael Winchester, Head Coach of RedBlack Gym.
-All camp attendees will receive an Outlaw “Para Bellum Series” t-shirt, from Afro Brutality.

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FRIDAY-SUNDAY: 9am – 4pm

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