>On Sunday night I got a few messages from people asking me if I was “bummed” that Ger Sasser didn’t qualify. I responded to all of them with a link to the final standings from 2013 Regional Showdown site. How could I be bummed when one of our athletes had just put up the 10th best performance out of all regional competitors? Was I disappointed that Ger didn’t achieve his ultimate goal of qualifying for a trip to Carson? Of course—he worked his ass off this year, and stood toe-to-toe with FIVE men who occupied five of the top ten spots at last years Games. If I were disappointed with Ger’s performance, despite the result, I would simply be an idiot.

You want to know how tight this sport has gotten? Jason Hoggan and Brandon Phillips missed qualifying by TWO Muscle-Ups each. Kevin Simons gets the official award of best non-qualfier in the world (that’s not from the Central East of course), and actually beat six regional winners. Daniel Tyminski was a counting mistake away, and Matt Hathcock a lockout on a Muscle-Up away from being first in their regions. And unless this is your first time on the site, you already know the story with Sasser.

According to the final rankings, Team Outlaw put nine men and nine women in the top 70 in the world. After all is said and done, we are taking nine athletes to the 2013 Games. Unlike 2012—when we took fifteen, but only closely worked with six—these are men and women who now make up much of our team of athletes, who we work with closely on a daily basis. Many of you know them personally from camps, or feel that you know them from videos, posts or other means. Our coaching staff knows them as the hardest working, and easiest to coach group of athletes we could ever imagine having.

Last year was tough, this year it felt nearly impossible to get a trip to Carson. The athletes you see below not only had nearly flawless, sustained efforts throughout their regionals, but they also did the little things throughout the year that allowed them to earn one of the most difficult tickets in sport. Congrats everyone, we couldn’t be more proud to have you representing us.

Here are the 2013 Team Outlaw Games qualifiers:


Elisabeth Akinwale – 1st North Central
Natalie McLain – 2nd South West
Emily Carothers – 3rd North West


Michael Mogard – 1st Asia
Daniel Tyminski – 2nd North East
Matt Hathcock – 2nd South West
Chad Mackay – 2nd Australia
Brandon Swan – 3rd Australia
Alex Nettey – 3rd North Central

WOD 130612:

Testing – Day 4

1) EMOM for 5 minutes:

2 Snatches (full) @ 80%

Then, when the clock hits 5:00-

2 minute AMRAP of:

Snatches (full) @ 80%

*This is the Outlaw Snatch efficiency baseline. Score is total reps completed in 7 minutes. There are only 2 attempts allowed during the EMOM portion. The goal is to test consistency of technique and repeatability under load. Records are 20 for 20 (total of EMOM and AMRAP) @ 225/155#.

Rest as needed between test 1 and 2.

2) Run 1 Mile

253 responses to “130612

  1. Thanks for the shout out coach. I’m honored to be mentioned in the same breath as the other great athletes pictured who have qualified for the Games this year. I’d probably call myself an “honorary Outlaw” since i”m newer using the programming and typically just use some of the oly programming for what i do on a day to day basis as of a month or 2 back and come up with my own skill work and metcons for the most part. What i have used of the oly programming has been useful & effective and I suppose had i used 100% of the programming I’d be as good as Mr. Sasser who I want to be like when I grow up haha. Good luck in training to all the other Gamers and Outlaw nation out there…

  2. I don’t always post, but when I do, it’s to say a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to all the Outlaws on their way to the Games – and to all of those that fought the good fight and came up shy this year.

    I can’t say enough about all the athletes I’ve met on the road, at Camps, at last year’s Regionals and Games and at this year’s Regionals event.

    I can’t wait to see what all of you can do come July, and we’ll be doing our gaddamn best to get you to the Podium.

    Train hard – follow the program – do what you have been blessed to do.

    -Coach Winchester

  3. any outlaw friendly gyms in around Ft.lauderdale or Pompano Beach headed down there for vacation next month

  4. Don’t forget the masters competitors who follow the site that are going to the games as well!

  5. 1) 23 reps at 25kg. (1RM 30kg) have plenty of work to do with snatches and mobility.
    2) 1M run. 6.27, (6.35 on treadmill 3/2012). “Normal CrossFit track” with few corners, one turning point and little hills. I’m quite happy with this progression because before CrossFit I used to run 50k or more in week. Now days 1k-25k /week.

  6. 1) 16 reps @ 115# missed 1 lift during the EMOM and completed 7 during the 2 mins as many reps as poss. (Bad day in general- today was survival as feeling less than good!)

    2) 5:45

    New to The outlaw way so had no previous score to work off but have seen good progress in the 5 weeks.
    Thanks for programming and posts.

  7. 1) 190# 6/10, then 1.

    2) different cond.
    4 rounds of:
    -50 DUs
    -7 Jerks (185)
    -14 T2B

  8. 13 Snatches@135#, missed a few along the way, I was receiving real sloppy and forward.

    Mile in 6:36

  9. 14 reps @ 215 (missed 2 on the amrap) … previous 17 reps @ 205

    1 mile (400m out and back twice … #BagramMile?) 6.18


  10. 16 out of 19 missing 3 in the 2 minute AMRAP

    Waiting for the track at the local highschool to hit the mile.

  11. M/37/210
    BBG / started at 165 hit first two then missed next 3 so dropped to 155. Then only got. 3 of those on the first 5 min. Hit 4 on the 2 min portion. For total of 7. Felt slow and tight. Gotta start somewhere. Gonna work some mobilty and then run after work.

  12. 1) 180# 6/10, then 1.

    2) different cond.
    4 rounds of:
    -50 DUs
    -7 Jerks (185)
    -14 T2B

  13. Congrats to everyone at the regionals!!

    This is my first post on here, and first outlaw way workout since a torn quad and mcl 3 months ago.

    1) 19 reps @ 95 #

    2) 11:52

  14. 1) 10/10 @ 165lb
    2) 6/6 @ @ 165lb
    – Would have liked to get more on the last 2 minutes. Weight felt really heavy today.

    3) Run tonight hopefully. Was storming this morning so couldnt get outside.

  15. Snatch Work

    1) 9/10 @ 150#
    2) 10 Reps in 2 mins. 10/10

    Conditioning later: likely will do WOD @ box.

  16. Snatches – 12@135#. Missed the second one on my first 3 sets of the EMOM…
    Mile – 6:22. 14 sec PR

    MFS 244

  17. Snatch Test: this was a total smack in my face… 5 out of 11 reps at 130#. With a side of a little temper tantrum, lol.

    1 mile: 7:31 PR.. Shaved off 1:13.

  18. Snatch 13/15 @ 150lbs (155 was my max 6 months ago)
    all misses after first 5 minutes
    1 Mile Run 5.35 outside( Previous was 5:46 on treadmill)

    • SN – 11/15 @ 165# last time went 9/14 @ 165# should’ve had 13/15 today, 2 reps during EMOM portion were jus flukes, bad day I suppose

  19. 1) 15-17 @ 155# (Previous was 13/15 @ 135#)
    2) 6:55 with 2 flights of stairs on each of the 8 laps. (Previous best was 7:50 on a relatively even running surface)

  20. Snatch @ 160#
    EMOM 2/10, AMRAP 7/8 so:
    9 out of 18 @ 160#

    1 mile run: 5:26

    My Rationale, not enough warm-up, got warm and pissed after all fails in EMOM. I made sure to only count FULL snatches, no power snatch to OHS.

  21. 1)EMOM: 5/10; AMRAP:2/7; Total: 7/17
    Just felt slow today and was letting frustration get the best of me, but anger from this helped me crush the mile run.

    2) 1 Mile: 5:46 (previous was ~6:55)

  22. 14@130# (missed both on 3rd set of emom)
    5:47 (:46 PR but this mile was on a track, previous was through neighborhood at box so now I question that distance a bit, pleased regardless)

  23. Snatch: fiasco.
    Hit 9/10 then the wheels fell off. Hit one rep In the 2 minute AMRAP @165lbs

    Mile: 5:58

    Looks like its going to be a “back to basics” on the snatch. Anyone know of a low demand snatch technique program that has worked for them? Thanks.

  24. 1. 21 total at 170#
    2. 6:40 – track (best is 5:50 but that was 800m down and back)
    — Any Outlaws in Boulder, CO?

  25. 1) EMOM- missed one- 105 (Max is 130)
    Hit just 4 (missed 2) in the amrap.

    Was a dumb ass and didn’t warm up as much as a person should. That equals 80 percent being far heavier then it should have been!
    2) Runny run- 6:20 yep.

  26. 1.) 7/16 at 130# ( Better than last time but was feeling run down today and pretty beat up from the burpees yesterday)

    2.) 7:40 ( About a minute slower than PR)

  27. 1) 65kg snatches first 5min : total tries 14, missed 3 tries
    2) skipped it, changed by my box’s wod (push press, and a wod of WB+dips)

  28. “Outlaw Snatch efficiency baseline”
    20 for 20 @ 170# (1RM snatch= 215#)

    Run 1 Mile for time:
    5:52 (did this on a track)

  29. Snatch Test: 12 for 17 @ 150#. Haven’t been snatching enough, need a lot of work on these

    1 Mile Time Trial: 6:15

  30. 1) 17/17 @155; 3/18/13 ~10/16 @155
    2) 6:42 at a full grown adult male weight of 204; 4/13/13 7:08

  31. Damn, I’m underway currently for work. Can’t wait to get back home and keep training. Seeing all those athletes is very motivating for me to keep working hard. This question is for everybody, would you all recommend starting from the beginning of this cycle when i’m back home, or jumping in where it is at? I’m probably going to be two weeks behind because of work?

  32. 5min- 9 for 10 reps @ 150lbs
    2min Amrap-10 reps @150lbs

    7:43 (ran the wrong route so ran a mile plus extra 400m)

  33. Terrible day. Shoulders smoked.

    1) 1 for 10 missed everything out front and couldn’t pull it together

    2) 6:04

  34. 1) 16 @ 195 no misses
    2) 6:40 (21 sec off PR, guess that’s what i get for not doing my 400’s last cycle)

  35. 1) 14/16 @ 175# had a weird thing going on with my knee slowed me down. Last time it was 17/19 @ 160
    2) 6:24

  36. 1. Snatch Efficiency: 17/17 off 120.
    2. 1 mile: I set a PR!! Slowest mile EVER! 8:43… Which included puking just after the 800m mark. (7:54 just a couple weeks ago). I might be sick 😦

  37. no workout because i believe i have hip strains, when i bring my knee to chest and then externally rotate, it hurts like a mother f****r. so whenever i squat it hurts too. please leave feed back to what you think this is and what i should do!!

  38. 1) 10/10 @175lbs
    EMOM 15/16
    25/26 @175lbs

    2) 1 mile on track 7:52 felt like a piano was on my back!!! no PR

  39. 1:) 12/14 @ 170# – took a long rest in 2 min amrap to rest a torn callus

    2:) 6:09 (7 second PR)

  40. Snatch: 11/16 @ 225#. Awful. Previous was 17/20. Fourth day in a row and my shoulders and back are fried.

    Practice for a competition this weekend rather than run the mile.

  41. Testing – Day 4

    1) EMOM for 5 minutes:

    2 Snatches (full) @ 80% – 90# (all lifts successful)

    Then, when the clock hits 5:00-

    2 minute AMRAP of:

    Snatches (full) @ 80% – 90# (10 successful attempts, made 11 but finished after time expired)

    2) Run 1 Mile – 6:32 (last test cycle, 6:57)

  42. 17 reps @ 135# (hit all emom missed 2 on amrap)
    Outlaw Camp March 2nd 12 reps @ 135#

    Felt good just hotter than heck

  43. A. Snatch Efficiency Test:
    9/10 on OTMs
    5/7 on AMRAP
    14/17 @ 180#

    B. 5:51 mile run (lifetime PR, not sure by how much though)

  44. 1) Snatch Efficiency Test:
    10/10 – EMOM for 5
    14/14 on AMRAP
    24/24 total @ 85#
    2) 7:47 mile run (our mile route is about 100-150m over a mile though)

  45. 145# 9/13 total of 22
    This score boggles me. My max snatch is 182# I’ve always thought that I “should” be able to do more on snatch. I think this snatch efficiency test proves that. But I have been stuck under 185 for the past couple of months. Errrrrrr

    Mile was 7:37. Last time I got 7:35
    I felt like I was running as fast as Forest Gump. Womp womp.

  46. Snatches were just not firing. Ugly. Weak. Seriously Ugly. Gotta get duck footed ways under control and fast.

    1) 14 Snatches @ 165#
    2) 1 Mile in 7:23

    One day Geppetto will wake up and I’ll be a real boy.

  47. Snatch work at 95
    Total score 23
    Pr by 4 reps
    5 min rest
    1 mile run in neighborhood with 3 turn arounds
    9:12 (have not tested this in a very long time; not a lifetime pr)
    I suck at running

  48. Snatch 10/10 on EMOM, 3/4 on AMRAP, Total 13/14 @ 175#
    (Old on was 12/12 @ 155#)

    1 Mile Run 5:49 PR 1 sec (5:50)

  49. Emom – 7/10
    Amrap – 5 with a bunch of misses
    All with 155
    Generally wasn’t feeling efficient.

    Mile run – 5:32

  50. Sn-9/10, 5/8 @ 160. Serious hip flexor pain as usual coming out of squat.

    1 Mile test: 6:11 on a legit track, smooth and easy. Not a PR but felt good

  51. 1)PR Snatch Proficiency: 6/10, 5/8 = 11/18 at 130 (79%) PR weight and percent of made lifts. (had 11/16, but tried to be a badass and cram 2 more attempts into the last 30 seconds)

    *Not going to lie.150 burpees + poor sleep = bad day to snatch. I was moving so horribly that I am actually happy with those numbers, but I know they should have been better. Just need to plan out a better workout/sleep schedule.

    2) 1mi Run: Did not complete
    *Was going to do this on lunch break, but could not fit it in.

  52. Well it was a frustrating day today for me.
    Outlaw Testing day 4
    Snatch Efficiency
    170# Snatch
    8/10 for first five
    2/6 in final two

    10/16 Total

    6:43 Mile (PR)

  53. Snatch EMOM 5min 10 reps with 73kg (164.25#)
    Snatch AMRAP 2min 18 reps with 73kg (164.25#)
    1mile (1.6km) 5:29min

    My Snatch technique is bad – I wrestle the weight overhead.

  54. Snatch Baseline: 20 from 20 at 62kg

    1.8km run (just over a mile): 7:13

    Keen for the rest day!

  55. Snatch Baseline: 10 and 7 @ 160#. Definitely heavier than last time and I think I only got about 12 total.

    Run 1 mile: 7:14
    Not a PR. I ran a slightly different route than last time, it might be a little bit longer too. Last time was 6:38.

  56. Day late post…
    1) 15 for 18 @ 170# (10 for 10, then 5 for 8)
    previous was 15 for 18 @ 150#
    2) 7:04 (6 sec PR)

  57. First time to do this. Power snatch max is 250#, and full snatch is 215#. So I measured my 80% from 225#. Maybe was 5-10lbs too heavy.

    EMOTM: 9/10
    AMRAP: 5/9
    TOTAL: 14/19

    1 Mile Run: 6:12 (PR is 6:06, gonna get sub 6 very soon)

  58. snatch efficiency test was 8 of 16 @45kg
    5/10 on the emotm and 3 of 6 during the amrap

    Mile run: 5:58 – PR is 5:17 back when I was runner
    to compare:
    5k last week -21:58 – back then 17:06

    seems like my plug gets pulled right after the mile mark

  59. still learning the technique so i did Hang squat Snatch
    1) 40Kg – 10x
    40Kg – 3x
    2) 1800m – 8:45

  60. MFS: 3-6-3
    Testing – Day 4
    1) 15 reps @115. Missed 2nd rep on 4th minute. But shoulder felt really solid.
    10 minute rest
    2) Run 1 Mile 6:42. Ouch that’s bad. Missing all those 400’s really showed.

  61. 1) 165 pounds (80% of 210), 7 reps, a fuckton of missed reps, worst test day EVER. Seriously. An infant with umbilical cord can do better snatches that I did to day. Making sure that next time this comes Im gonna kick this result all the way to bangkok.
    2) 1 mile 7:10.

  62. 8/10 @ 145#
    7/8 during 2 min AMRAP
    ~6:10 mile (google maps lied to me, ended up only running about 0.9 mile, so I did some math to make it a mile. Assuming I was slowing down at the end)

  63. 14 out of 16 reps @ 174 (missed one during EMOM portion that I should’ve gotten, and was out of gas on final snatch and couldn’t stand up with it)
    Last test: 17 out of 17 with 154 (20# less than most recent test)

    1 mile run: 5:58 on track
    Previous mile test: 6:00
    Before starting Outlaw over one year ago, my fastest mile was 6:38

  64. 1) 1/14 @145#’s (Caught them all in the bottom, lost half before trying to stand them up and the other 6 I lost on the way up. 3rd attempt stood up but took a small step with it. Shitty day)

    2) 6:36 (PR is 6:00)

  65. 12/18 @ 85#.. My snatch is weak but I was able to save a few by not rushing out of the bottom..
    Mile was 7:36.. I hope I can get my 2 mile below 15:00.

  66. 10/10, 12/12 @ 113 (last time 10/10 and 10/10 @ 108.)

    Trying to do class stuff and outlaw… this week is proving harder than normal. Class is doing their own testing. So, I did Diane instead today:

    Diane – 3:28 (1:01 PR!)
    Also, max’d DL today @280, happy with today.

    • Ran my mile today. 6:37. 7 seconds off last time. Shoes both untied half of run, so that’s my excuse. Should have gotten much closer to 6.

  67. Snatch: 17/18 @ 105#
    1 Mile run: 7:00, haven’t done that since middle school @ 6’/140, now 6’/168. Fuck yes.

  68. 1) Accidentally did 125, was supposed to do 115. Just now realized I never got rid of the 15’s i used to warm up with and added 25’s.
    9/10 for the EMOM
    3/4 for the AMRAP
    2) 7:20 mile

  69. A) 13 / 15 @ 160# – Shoulder felt stiff on those 2 misses.
    B) Mile run : 9:15. Either our 200m back and forth track is that bad, or everyone is just extremely fast, or I’m just a terrible runner overall. Haha!

  70. 19/20 @ 135# – Was perfect through 19, then rushed last rep to attempt at twenty with five seconds remaining and failed.
    Mile – 6:15

  71. Stats:
    28 y.o. F @137 bw

    *coming back from ankle injury, 2 years off from Crossfit

    Snatch work main focus on technique – did about 15 at 75#
    ankle is in bad shape but after lots of mobility felt better and workable
    pretty happy with where my form was by the end.

    7:15 mile
    :33s PR

  72. 1) 18/19 at 40kg (snatched for the first time ever last week so pretty happy)

    2) Did my gym’s conditioning
    3 Clean Complex
    200 Singles
    3 Clean Complex
    150 Singles
    3 Clean Complex
    100 Singles
    3 Clean Complex
    50 Singles
    3 Clean Complex
    25 Singles
    @ 45kg

  73. 1) 10/7 @ 125# – On my third pull in the last 2 minutes, I slipped with the bar over my head and had to bail. After that I was a little shaken up and couldn’t get my pulls right.

    2) 8:56

  74. 1) 80% = 112 so l went 110. 17/17

    2) 5:44 (PR 4:47 *indoor- but that was another life ago. This is my cf PR . )

  75. EMOM- 10/10 @145 (no misses)
    2 min AMRAP- 10 reps @145 (no misses)

    1 mile run- 6:18 (had to stop @ 400m mark to tie shoe)

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