>Well, I’ve got nothing to post really. I’m in Columbus, and forgot to take any pics because I was distracted by Rich’s abs. Also, Dan Bailey does not, in fact, have a mullet. It was just a prop… So disappointing. I did, however, just witness one of the best finishes to a comp workout maybe ever. Good thing they have those chip timers.

Click here to watch the photo finish in Central East.

Oh, by the way, Sasser put up a perfect 5:17. Which landed him SIXTH, behind five of the seven fastest times in the world. Someone in Africa wanna adopt Gerald?

>Testing starts today. Get the camera warmed up.

WOD 130608:


1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.



30 Snatches for time @ 135/95#

*Notes: Power, Split, Squat, and any form of Diamond Dave monkey humping is acceptable. Just don’t video it if you use the latter.

171 responses to “130608

  1. Had to go in tonight to get this done since tomorrow we are doing a Hero Wod at our gym:

    Snatch: still stands 160# no PR
    Clean and Jerk: 185# PR and my video cut off in the middle of it, SOB.

    Isabel: 3:44. Nothing spectacular but I have had an epic week of training.

  2. Snatch – 110kg, sat under 115kg and lost it as I started to drive out.

    C&J – 140kg, hit the 145kg but dropped as I started to return my feet from the jerk.

    Isabel – 1:51rxd, 19sec PR.

  3. Snatch: 165# (5# PR)
    C&J: 195# (current 1RM) Highest clean was 215# (5# PR)
    Isabel scaled to 95#. Not so much for strength, but form. Any higher And I fell apart, even @95# I was starting to look ugly at the end. Came in @3:28

  4. M/37/210
    Snatch 155- (pr 207) felt real slow today
    Clean/jerk 280 (5 pound pr)
    Isabel 4:30 not spectacular but 1 min pr for me. Gotta get this at least under 4.

  5. Snatch – 205lb – (10lb PR)
    Clean/Jerk: 244lb (Tied PR- clean was no problem, need to work on jerk)

    Isabel: 2:51 (16 sec PR)

  6. M/37/210
    Meant to post this. Earlier. After watching vid, time was 4:26. Still not under 4, and I think I saw a couple of diamond Dave monkey fucker snatches in the end:)

  7. Hit 225lbs, almost hit 235 caught it then when I went to stand up with it lost it forward not awesome

    Hit 275 missed 280 and 285

    Isabel 2:12 rx’d

  8. back issue is lingering but i have the next week off and I’m heading up to Laconia, NH for bike week. I’m bringing my rings, a jump rope, and a band. I’ll be doing lots of mobility work and hopefully i’ll have plenty of time to let my back heal away from the weights.

    I’ve started setting up differently in the snatch and the bar is elevating off the ground like there isn’t even any weight on the bar… however… i can’t seem to find the pop and i’m leaving it forward, again.

    Snatch – 175 … 30lbs off of PR
    Clean & Jerk … 270 15 off of PR

    did not do Isabel… practiced for upcoming competition…
    2 – 250m rows… :41 and :43
    then, split 50 burpees and 50 snatches @135 with my partner.

  9. Been thinking about getting back on the Outlaw sauce now that the Southwest regional is over. Training with Wasatch CrossFit and competing on their team was awesome, learned a ton. Rudy knows I can’t resist going ham on “Isabel”

    Went for lighter weight and more volume to get back into Oly
    Snatch: 220 x5
    Cln & Jerk: 275 x5

    Isabel: 64 seconds

  10. Testing out my knee, so didn’t go to max
    1) lots of reps at 60
    2) lots of reps at 75

    8:22 @ scaled 50kg…used more to work on technique since my snatch still sucks.

  11. Been glued to thr central east coverage. Would love to see it first person next year ๐Ÿ™‚

    125 snatch (5lb pr)
    180 cj (matched pr)

    3:38 first time doing isabel

  12. 1st Isabel 4:24 Rx and had been following outlaw for a couple of months.
    Today- 2:34 Rx
    This shit works!!!!

  13. BBG
    Snatch – 215 (max is 235)
    Clean and Jerk – 250 (max is 265)

    โ€œIsabelโ€ – 2:50

  14. BBGym:
    1) 175, 185(f)
    2) 225(f-jerk)

    5:14 PR

    -still not feeling the deload super human strength.

  15. 1) 190, missed 200 out front a bunch today.
    2) 230, cleaned 240, failed jerk.
    consistently ‘stuck’ at 90-95% for Saturdays. at least consistent…

    Isabel 5:05 Rx
    that’s a PR with some monkey-fucker reps in there. I took video and then burned my camera.

  16. seems like it was not my day. strangely I felt great going in. must have been the 4 hours of soccer with the kids in the sun.

    snatch – 55kg (57,5kg pr) 5 fails at 60kg, too slow getting under
    c+j – 75kg (77,5kg) 2 fails at 80kg, just didn’t have the head where it needed to be

    Isabel – 42,5kg –> 4:52, seems like there is a lot to do for me

  17. I’m going to start posting my results because Rudy guilted me into it. I haven’t been, because my numbers are pretty abysmal and I’m pretty new to this whole thing. Whatever, I’m showing up everyday.

    1 RM Snatch – 150# PR
    1 RM C+J – 195#

    Isabel scaled to 115# – 5:14

  18. Saw pic of new enforcer. So I’m posting. Ben following the Outlaw way for a couple months now. I’m intermediate. So what takes most of you 12 minutes takes me 20, but I’m doing it!
    I’m 5’7″,135#.
    1RM snatch – 105 (up 20lbs since I started)
    1RM clean and jerk -145 (up 20lbs)
    Isabel at 75# (looking for a weight I could keep moving) – 4 min

  19. Started following outlaw just after the open ended.
    Snatch max – 230. Actually hit this 2 weeks ago. Failed at 235 the last two weeks. Previous max was 215, done just before the open started.

    C&J – 275. Also hit that two weeks ago. Failed the 280 the last 2 weeks as well. Previous max was 255, done just after the open ended.

    Isabel – 2:37. Pretty sure I was near 3 or 3:10 last time I did it, 7 or 8 months ago.

    The enforcer scares me. I figured I better start posting.

  20. PR’d my snatch from 105lbs to 115lbs and my clean from 145lbs to 150lbs, couldn’t get the jerk at 150 though.

  21. Still stuck at 150# threw up 165 like it was just couldn’t catch it at the bottom
    205 c&j same as last week. So close to a 225 clean.

    6:38 Isabel those were some terrible looking snatches

  22. Alright, first time posting…listening to coaches suggestions to actually post. Been following for 4 months.

    165#, hit PR 3 weeks ago. PR was 135 in February


    6:59Rx, first time Rx I think. Set pace too slow and tried to make up time on last 10.

  23. Snatch:
    120414:ย 164
    120521: 169
    120526: 174
    120608: 179
    130202: 189
    130316: 195
    130330: 205
    130406: 210
    130601: 215
    Clean and Jerk:
    120604: 214
    121110: 219 solid
    121208: 224
    130310: 229 (slight pressout)
    130406: 239
    130412: 245
    130608: 250(pressout)
    I’ve been following for a year. I dislocated my shoulder a few months into the program while overhead squatting on the last rep of 21-15-9 OHS and T2B, around lasy July. I was also hit by a car while riding my scooter and cracked some ribs at the end of last year, which put me out completly for over a month. All things considered, I am very pleased, and very grateful for the superb programming and shared knowledge. Big respect, and thanks a million.

  24. Snatch: worked technique (still working on being comfortable in the hole) PR is 130#
    CJ: worked technique (need to be quicker) PR is 175#

    Isabel 3:00 (2:48 PR!)

  25. Snatch: 205 (strained bicep two weeks ago, was at 220lbs…improved from 165 lbs on Feb 1, 2013)

    C&J: 240…I can probably do more, just never have (my front squat PR is 305)

    Isabel: 3:18. I chickened out after 12 unbroken and then took too many breaks. Still, it was 47 sec faster than the last time Rudy prescribed it.

  26. Snatch 250# (old PR)(missed 255# about 5x with it overhead…)
    C&J 305# (old PR)

    Isabel 2:37 Rx (pr is 2:15)

  27. BBG

    1RM snatch: 90kg (15 kg off PR)
    1RM C&J: 110kg (12 kg off PR)


    5:02 (PR is 3:44)
    *Wheels fell off here, as they say.

  28. Hi, First time posting. Have been following program for about 2 months. Turn 40 next year, so wanting to ramp things up for next year’s Games. Things improving. Saw post reminding us to post, so here goes (From Australia):

    Snatch 1RM 115# (52.5kg)
    C&J 1RM 158# (72kg)
    Isabel 3.52 Rxd (Previous score 5.53 in February)

  29. Snatch – 205#, my PR is 210# I attempted 215# twice barely missing
    C&J – 250#, my PR is 260# I attempted 265# once and I jus had zero gas left clean was good but couldn’t even think about jerkin it (lulz)

    4:44, PR is 3:49

  30. 200 snatch 5lb pr
    240 clean and jerk -5lb legs
    3:05 Isabel 2min pr

    Since starting outlaw 2 months ago my snatch has gone up 35lbs and my c and j 20. Amazing programming

  31. M/34/190; cf on & off for 5 years, train others, following outlaw template for 2 months (have been only modifying conditioning)
    Snatch – 195 (old pr 175 )
    Clean & jerk – 235 (old pr 235 but I feel like my form is getting much better- still a lot of room for improvement)
    Isabel -3:40 – felt like I could’ve even gone a little faster (old pr 4:40)

  32. BBG:
    Snatch- 120 (-5)
    No C&J, kills my wrist. Talked with doc, no need to cast for fracture (for now). Avoiding any loaded/weighted back positions like front rack/HSPU for at least two weeks.

    2:45 (about an 8 minute PR)

    (Jet Lag)

  33. Did this today (Sunday) as I went to the Attitude Nation seminar at our gym.
    Snatch:160 PR (5 lbs)
    Clean: 180 (185 PR), missed jerk on 190 five times, clean was very easy.

    Isabel: 2:29, very tired.

  34. I would say I’m a newbie to crossfit. Especially cleans and snatches. Really just started learning the technique for those this week. Brand spanking new to Outlaw Way (started 2 days ago). So here are my stats:
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 117 lb

    Snatch – 60 lb
    Clean & Jerk – 95 lb
    Isabel (using 45lb bar) – 2:54

  35. Did this today as well.

    Snatch – Hit 264 first try. Then made 4 attempts at 280. Damn close.
    CJ – 308 easy then jumped to 328 but missed 3 times.

    No PRs but happy to be making PR attempts again. Its been a while.


    1:50 (17 sec PR)

  36. BBG 1) 95# (5 off PR)
    2)130# (5 off PR, PR’d last week)

    130130: Isabel- full snatch @75# 7:00
    130608: power snatch @85# 4:18

  37. Snatch- 215# 20#pr since I started Post crossfit Open.
    C & J- 265# 20#pr since open

    Isabel- 2:50rx-first time

  38. Hey all,

    I’ve been a big fan of The Outlaw Way and today marks my first day of being an official follower. I’ve been nurturing a shoulder injury for over 3 months now and have done nothing but squats. First training day back on track and it feels good, regardless of the sub-PR’s.

    a) 195# – No PR. 200# PR Pre-injury.
    b) 265# – No PR. Got the 275# Clean, gassed out and didn’t get the jerk.

    c) 4:02 RX’d. 3:23 PR Pre-injury and at a much heavier bodyweight at the time.

    Honored to be a follower of this program. In Omnia Paratus.

    – Job

  39. First time posting my results from training, but since its testing week, I thought why the hell not!
    Snatch- 80# (I only stared snatching early in April so this felt amazing for me. This is a 5# pr).

    C & J- tested this last weekend; hit 110# which was a 10# pr for me after being stuck at 95# forever! Did not retest today.

    Thank you to everyone that posts daily, it is such an inspiration!

  40. First time posting. Started following programming 8 weeks ago.
    Snatch: 155, 165fx2, 165, 175, 185Fx8

    First time attempting a body weight snatch. Didn’t feel heavy, pulled plenty high enough, mostly missed in front, missed behind twice. Some very close attempts. BW snatch has been a big goal for a while. Glenn Pendlay walked by the platform, back when I was trained briefly at California Strength. He said I was not allowed to wear the Pendlay Barbell shirt I had on if I didnt have at LEAST a bodyweight snatch…. lol It’ll happen soon.

    No time for metcon due to the snatch attempt stuburness. Shouldnt have spent that much time, but really wanted to stick that weight.

  41. 1) 170 (15lb PR)
    2) 215 (5lb PR)

    Isabel 7:45 No diemond daves… Over 3 mins PR from last year

  42. Alright, I’m a newbie at this. Here are my stats:

    H: just short of 5’2″
    W: 117 lb

    Snatch – 60lb
    Clean & jerk – 95 lb
    Isabel (45lb) – 2:54

  43. BBG:
    170 snatch
    195 cnj (cleaned 205 5/5 but missed the jerk every time)

    first isabel ever:
    RX 8:54

  44. Max Snatch 215#
    (up 30# since I started TOW at the beginning of the open, thanks Rudy)
    Max Clean and Jerk 255# up 10#
    (about a :45 sec PR, everything was smooth only had one press out rep at about rep 25)

    • Clean and Jerk – 163. Pr as of late for full Clean and Jerk, not power. Cleaned 168, missed the jerk, my head wasn’t there.

  45. Stevo – 31 y/o, 5’10”, 175lb
    Snatch – 180
    C&J – 205
    Isabelle – 4:58 Rx

    Joy – 36 y/o, 5’4″, 125lb
    Snatch – 90
    C&J – 140
    Isabelle – 6:00 (75 lb)


  46. Snatch: 175#
    *My shoulders in the bottom position are absolute trash, they need some major mobility work

    C&J: 235# (tied PR)
    *Again, my shoulders are all kind of weird lately. Mobility, mobility, mobility

    Isabelle: 3:56
    *No rep’ed myself twice.

  47. Coach – I am typically a day behind due to the box schedule (3:1 with Monday being a rest day this week) and this past weekend I was away for some training so I haven’t done this day yet. Should I skip this and start with Day 2 tomorrow or start with Day 1 tomorrow and skip a rest day to catch up ?

  48. My first time posting!
    I have been following The Outlaw Way for about a month and a half now. Amazing programming!
    Oly felt good today:
    1) 1RM Snatch: 225lbs (10lbs PR)
    2) 1RM C&J: 285lbs (20lbs PR)
    3) ”Isabel” 2:26 Rx (1:45 PR)

    Thanks TOW

  49. DID NOT DO (at regionals to support THE Ger Sasser)

    1) current 1RM 210#
    2) current 1RM 245#
    3) current PR 2:22

  50. First time posting. Been following Outlaw for 4 months. Followed CFHQ for 8 months previously. 6’4″ 220. 42 yo.

    Snatch: 160
    C & J: 200
    Both these lifts are new to me and I lift alone so any instruction I get is via me in the mirror.

  51. FINALLY starting to work my way back to full health.

    I’m going with calling both of these “Post-Injury PRs” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Snatch – 175
    C&J – 225

  52. Snatch:
    225 / PR is 230
    Came really close on 235 several times. Felt really good on everything up until then.

    255/ PR is 275.
    Just didn’t have anything left after Snatch

    All singles, I am terrible with touch and go Snatch

  53. Snatch 125 (PR 140 in April) awesome ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    C&J 155 ???? (PR 185 in April) even better :((

    Don’t think I could be anymore frustrated with my lifts today.

    Isabel 2:24 PR . Haven’t done this wod in about 2 years , have to check a different notebook. It was around 3min

  54. Snatch: Failed 125# several times. 115#–15# from PR.

    Clean and Jerk: 175# tie PR, also back to partial normal in the hand. Glad to hit this again. Failed 185#.

  55. Snatch 175# (PR is 190#)

    C+J 230 (PR is 245#)

    Isabel 3:06 (first time doing power Isabel)

  56. Snatch 77,5 KG (2,5 off PR) BW 72KG
    got under 82,5 and 85 several times, but was landing on toes everytime.
    CJ 110 Kg (2,5 PR) missed Jerk on 112,5 KG
    I feel so much stronger after last Cycle.

  57. A. 225# Snatch (+10# PR)

    B. 255# C&J (tied PR)

    C. Isabel- 2:39 (6 minute PR–even though it was 2 years ago)

  58. Figured I might as well post since everyone else is. About 3 months since I started TOW.
    1) 185
    2) 235 (+10 pr)
    3) Isabel 4:27
    Snatches got a little sloppy. Public bone took a beating

  59. I’ve been lurking for a while and doing some of your workouts. I’ve dabbled in crossfit since 2007 but have never been consistent and the Oly lifts have always been my biggest weakness. I work out with crap equipment in the back yard but I make it work for the time being.

    I’m a few days off schedule but am going to start posting on this test week. Thanks for the programming.

    Snatch: 130 lbs
    C&J: 185 lbs
    Isabel: 4:23 (scaled to 115 lbs)

  60. (Saturday June 15)

    1) 160 lb. (PR)

    2) 220 lb. (PR)

    Conditioning: 7:16 (first time with Rx’d weight)

  61. First phase of testing since I attend camp in March in Brooklyn. I follow the site with a weeks lag.

    1) Snatch: 195 (was 160 at camp)
    2) C&J: 225 (was 205 at camp)

    Con: 3m37s

  62. m/34/5’8″/170lb
    1. Snatch = 190lb (5lb PR!!!)
    2. C&J = 250lb (5lb PR!!!)
    Isabel: 3:45 (25 SEC PR!!!!)

  63. Starting the cycle late after not touching a bar for 3 weeks.
    Snatch 145 (-10 from PR)
    C&j 180 (also -10 from PR)
    Isabel 3:43 (looking at these other times I was obviously being a punk and should have snatched faster!)
    God, I’m glad to be back on the bar!

  64. Not real good w the the technique for snatches yet but working on it. Can only get better the more I do it.

    Snatch: 65#
    C&J: 100#
    Isabel: 4:48 w 55# scaled.

    Working on the strength.

  65. Just starting out with this program. I’m about a week late so have decided to do the testing before jumping into the program.

    Snatch: 110 # (15 # PR)
    C&J: 145# (5# PR)
    Isabel: 9:42

  66. Since I just started following, I decided to go back and do these testing workouts so I had a better handle of before and after the cycle. Once I’m done ill just jump in to week 1 again.

    1- 155# (matched current PR) need a lot of work here.

    2- 195# (-10 but felt good)

    Cond: 3:38. Felt ok but form could have been better. Needs work, but nothing quite like that video, lol.

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