>I love numbers. This was sent to me today. Thanks to Don Walker for coming up with this. Click around and enjoy…

Click here for CrossFit Regional Showdown rankings.

>Matt Hathcock – confidence.


>Masterpieces seven and eight…

Elisabeth Akinwale – Event #7 (:04 from the Event Record):

Matt Hathcock – Event #7 (Starts at 1:38 – :11 from the event record):

Click here to watch.

WOD 130604:


7X1 Clean and Jerk up to 80% – rest as needed, no higher than 80%


Run 5k

Group #4 Work – 130604:


1) Every 30 seconds for 3 minutes:

1 Power Snatch + 2 Behind-the-Neck Push Presses @ 70%

*Notes: This should be completed as a complex. The bar should be lowered to the back rack after the Power Snatch, and the Push Presses should be performed with a Snatch grip.

2) Every 30 seconds for 3 minutes:

2 (touch and go) Power Cleans + 1 Push Jerk @ 70%


3 rounds for total working time of:

50 Double-Unders
20 UB HSPU (reg standard)

Rest 1:3

43 responses to “130604

  1. Ignore the groups, they’re for regionals.

    3 more days and we won’t have any more posts asking about the groups.

  2. I Like the spreadsheet. It would be cool to see who the actual top 50 in the world is after regionals are done. I’m sure some regions wouldn’t be sending anyone.

    • What is nuts is how in the south central region. Aja who got second actually came out first on the spreadsheet.

  3. As a data dork, that spreadsheet is the stuff of dreams. Well done Walker Texas Coder.

    Wonder if HQ will turn into NCAA March Madness and start expanding the invites in certain regions – bummer to see top 25 guys like Jared and Speal not making it

  4. 7 sets at 120kg with 60sec rest

    5km run – 22:57@90BW, definitely a big difference being heavier

  5. C&J worked up to 175#

    DNF’d the 5k@1.5 miles in 10:33
    Coming back from a torn meniscus and something didn’t feel right.

    • How many months out from surgery are you? I had a full repair done in December and I want to say that running didn’t feel “right” until about April.

      • No surgery, I’m in Afghanistan. Trashed it during an ambush while out on mission. Been rehabbing it since it happened…the day before the open started, lol.

  6. I should start posting on a more regular basis.

    Anyways, I am traveling home right now after 7 months of being deployed. I started TOW a month into my deployment and here are some results after 6 months.

    FS: up 30lbs
    HBBS: up 30 lbs
    Press: up 25lbs
    C&J: up 45lbs
    Snatch: up 35 lbs
    First RX Amanda
    Diane 3:50 a 1:00pr
    Jackie 7:03 a 1:30 pr
    Isabel 5:10 a 5:00pr

    This stuff works.
    Thanks for making this free to the public

  7. Totally off subject, but does anyone know of any Outlaw friendly gyms in the San Francisco / Bay Area?

  8. BBG up to 264 x 3

    5k – 22:50. Not a PR lifetime by any means but definitely the heaviest (200#ish) I have run this fast.

  9. Bbg: done at 145#

    Conditioning: doing Clovis on Saturday so I am saving my running feet for then. I did do 3 rounds 500m row and 50 double unders for time at 10:16 (working weaknesses)and then went back this afternoon and did Diane with the regulars. New PR of 3:53. Thank you Outlaw Way.

  10. BBG: done

    Conditioning: I’m embarrassed to even post my time considering it’s by far the slowest on here but it was 27:20. I swear I didn’t walk this 5k. ha

  11. BBG: 3 @ 115#, 4@ 125#
    Cond: 29:45 Cramped up at the end… so yup, I walked a bit. Not a PR.

  12. 1) off of 90kg …felt waaaay better than on Monday

    16:37 through 9 laps…tweaked my knee. mother fuck.

  13. BBG:
    1.) 225 – 230 – 235 – 240 – 240 – 240 – 240

    Fuck its hot in Texas

    3×10 Weighted GH Raises – 10# plate behind head
    3×20 T2B – Last set not UB

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