>Elisabeth Akinwale – 89kg (196#) Snatch:

>Phil Kniep – Clean + Low-Hang Clean & Jerk @ 315#:

WOD 130504:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


*Note: Group 1, do not do this portion.


Notes: The recommendation is heavier than last week, but still able to finish all 20 reps. Make sure to hit absolute depth with every rep.


For time:

9 Bar Muscle-Ups
18 KB Snatches 32/24kg (9L/9R)
300′ Shuttle Run (6X50′)
7 Bar Muscle-Ups
14 KB Snatches 32/24kg (7L/7R)
250′ Shuttle Run (5X50′)
5 Bar Muscle-Ups
10 KB Snatches 32/24kg (5L/5R)
200′ Shuttle Run (4X50′)

*Note: Regional competitors, it is recommended that you wear hand protection for this workout (i.e. gymnastics grips).

Extra 130504:

*Rest approximately 30 minutes before starting.

GROUP #1 Conditioning

*Group #1: The goal, if time allows, is to rest roughly 2-3 hours between every conditioning piece for today, including the conditioning from today’s regular template.

WOD 1-

For time:

50 Back squats 135/95#
40 Pull-ups
30 Shoulder-to-overhead 135/95#
50 Front squats 85/65#
40 Pull-ups
30 Shoulder-to-overhead 85/65#
50 Overhead squats 65/45#
40 Pull-ups
30 Shoulder-to-overhead 65/45#

WOD 2-

3 rounds for time of:

Row 500m
50 Double-Unders
25 Wall-Balls 20/14#

GROUP #2 Conditioning

Find a bike; either stationary, road, or airdyne, then…

20 minutes alternating sets of:

1 minute ME for distance
1 minute recovery (just keep the wheels spinning)

GROUP #3 Conditioning

For time:

Row 500m
21 KB (2 KBs) Push Press 24/16kg
21 TTB
Row 500m
15 KB (2 KBs) Push Press 24/16kg
15 TTB
Row 500m
9 KB (2 KBs) Push Press 24/16kg

41 responses to “130504

  1. question for impatient person tiiiime lol…. so i have a rip between my fingers… where my fingers fold, its not healing because im constantly training, should i stop training for a little until its fully healed? because everyday is a day where i can get better and i dont wanna start over and lose it. feed back please. oh and it hurts a lot lol

    • hav you qualified for regionals? if not then take a week or 2 too heal up, Better you heal now and have enough time to improve to qualify next year then to have a constantly nagging injury which will start to hold you back

  2. okay. thanks man, im 17 and still have time but i just wanna get there right away lol im gonna still do squats and all that jazz that dont involve gripping but thanks!! and ill try to get that bag balm stuff

  3. For the group conditioning with the Kb Snatches there is no requirement for the 9/7/5 per arm to all be consecutive is there? Meaning we can alternate hands as we see fit as long as we get the appropriate # of reps per arm is my point…

  4. BBG
    1) 107.5kg PR
    2) 125kg Failed the Jerk @ 130kg, that’ll do…


    Extra 1 & 2 in the afternoon.

  5. M/37/210
    Snatch 185, pulled 210 and left lower back felt weird. Stopped, able to bend and the picked up the 210 deadlift style. Just slight pain. Stopped took a couple Motrin and rolled out. Little pain when bending. Able to pick up kiddos. can reproduce pain if i get into snatch position, but not real bad. Gonna rest it for rest of day and see if pan increases. If not worse Tommorow AM will complete rest of workout.

  6. Bbg –

    1) 265
    2) 300. These are the highest numbers ive been at in about 2-3 months

    Str –

    Cnd –


  7. BBG

    1) 80kg (10 under PR), missed 85 4 times

    2) 105kg (5 under PR), cleaned 112 but no jerk.

    Strength: 260#

    Conditioning: Sub in chest to bar pull ups and 24kb KB

  8. BBG:
    1) 185. 10lbs under. Somehow couldn’t stick 195. Seeing EA do it is pretty emasculating.
    2) 245. Matched PR. Almost stood up 250.

    225. Up 10lbs from last week.

    8:19 with 24kg KB. Wrist was hurting on 32kg snatches so had to sub. All else was RX.

  9. BBG:
    1.) 205, 215fff, 205~85%, 215f~90%
    2.) 260~95%, 280f

    1.) (Smolov Week 3 Day 4 10×3@220)


  10. BBG
    1) 100kg 10kg under pr.
    2) 140kg 3kg under pr


    10:33 bar muscle ups slow. Fat man jog on the shuttle. Kb snatches were fine but ripped hands

    Extra group 3
    9:57 rows paced at 1:46-1:52. Kg push press unbroken, TTB broken on 21s but unbroken thereafter.

    Got to train with a buddy today which was very fun as I am usually alone for training.

  11. BBG:
    1) 250 lbs – 5 Pound PR
    2) 320 lbs – 10 pounds off PR. Went for 335, but failed the jerk

    Aneurysm Back Squat – 1×20 @ 340 – up 5 lbs from last week

    Messed around with those gymnastics grips before the workout but decided to forgo had protection because my tiny carnie hands make it difficult to keep grip. Shouldn’t have been lazy and taped instead. Didn’t tear but spent a little extra time resting trying to avoid it.

    *Rest ~25 Minutes

    Extra Group #3 Conditioning:

    Here’s the Aneurysm Back Squat:

    And here’s the snatch PR:

  12. Snatch to 195 (10# shy of PR)… left it there. right shoulder feels shaky
    Clean&Jerk – 285 (PR) felt strong but didn’t have the time to attempt another one.

    20 rep BS. 290 (failed on 18th rep) legs and lower back were still good, upper back was gone. too far gone that i had to put it down. i was clean through 15, 16 was a rough one and it disappeared on the 17th rep, then i put it down.

    5:49 spent a bit too much time in transition. muscle ups on infinity rig with double bar, had to make sure i had full elevation.

    I’m going to have fun at my PT test tomorrow. haha.

  13. BBG:
    1) 165
    2) 225(10lb clean PR)

    1) 230

    *50# kb/ring MU’s

    Some brosilation work. Anyone else add is hypertrophy work?


  14. BBG (Worst day lifting in a long time)

    Sn – 242, put 264 behind me. (pr is 275)
    CJ – 286 (pr is 330)

    Conditioning (Group 1)

    1) 5:07
    – 20 minute rest –
    2) 23:17
    – 30 minute rest –
    3) 11:55
    – tired –

  15. Snatch: 145, missed 155 4 times
    C+J: 175, missed 185 3 times

    Conditioning 1: Bar Mu’s with a red band. Snatches rx’d. 8:57
    Conditioning 2: 24:06. Nightmare. Ripped on the second set of pull-ups
    Conditioning 3: 12:12

    That was not fun.

  16. snatch 185
    c+j 220
    hbbs 225

    bar mu=c2b pu
    kb snatch= sa db hang snatch/45
    shuttle= du’s 60-50-40

    group 2
    stationary bike-distance was something in the neighborhood of 5 miles

  17. Been a while since I posted. I’ve been taking Mondays and Fridays as rest days since the Open started. Seems to work better with my schedule.

    1. 175-185-195f-190f
    2. 215-225 clean, but no jerk
    felt very tired, especially on the c&j.
    205. Around rep 18 my head started to hurt like crazy. It came out of nowhere. Messed me up for the rest of the day. Anybody else get head or neck pain from these giant sets?

  18. BBG:

    Strength: 345, hit the wall at rep 19 and couldn’t stand it up. Try it again next week.

    Conditioning: 6:48

  19. m/34/5’8″/170lb
    1 – 175
    2 – 225 (245 C no J)
    205/20!!! First time I was able to get all 20 without failing!
    Cond. Skipped

  20. Bbg –

    1) 220 no straps, 230, 240(Failed)
    2) 275, 285, 295 (Failedx2) No Jerks today

    Cnd –


    Extra Part 1 –

    Did not Do

    Extra Part 2 –


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