>From Luke Tashie: “Add this to the 255 pr snatch, 2:00 pr on DT and a 330 pr clean this week. Good stuff Rudy…”

Luke Tashie – 305# Push Press:

>From Greatist.com: In The Gym With Matt Hathcock, CrossFit Games Hopeful.

>I’d like to say congratulations to my oldest client (I don’t mean age wise, but he is pretty ancient), former Outlaw coach, and now owner of Mt. Vernon CrossFit, Sean Dunston; for being invited to compete for Team USA at the Pan Am Powerlifting Championships.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 2.03.59 PM

Sean did his first Deadlifts with me over seven years ago and maxed out for the first time at 185#. This year at USAPL Nationals he missed his final Squat attempt to break the national record with a lift of 217.5kg (479#) @ 83kg BW. Needless to say, dude has gotten a little stronger. As far as I know, Sean will be our first National team member in a sport/discipline.

Congrats, buddy. Guess that “old man strength” is working out pretty well.

WOD 130413:


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

*Notes: Do not allow for any extraneous attempts/warm-up lifts. Work quickly to a heavy load, then make 3-5 maximal attempts.


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Deadlift.



21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts 225/155#

*Notes: Regionals standard HSPU (36″ wide, by 24″ deep box for hand placement).

46 responses to “130413

  1. Havent done any Lifting in about a month or longer.

    Snatch: 90KG (Caught it so high it was a power snatch)
    Failed 95KG about 7 times. PR is 100KG

    Deadlift 180KG PR is 190KG

    Diane: 6:28 Rxd 30 sec PR

  2. BBG
    missed 107.5kg 5 times… Thought it was there today… Close

    255kg, 5kg PR

    3:59, 27 second PR

  3. Congrats to all you monsters who qualified for Regionals. It’s been really cool seeing your day to day training results. I’m in Seoul for another week. Had a garbage snatch session yesterday and a mediocre C&J day today. Can’t wait to get back on the wagon

  4. Snatch: 205 (20 pounds up from last, 10 pounds under all time). By FAR the most glaring deficiency in my fitness. I’ll video next time and post for critiques.

    Deadlift: 545 pounds

    Did Diane a couple weeks ago. One of our athletes chose it as her going away workout. Did this instead:

    KBS @ 55
    Double unders

  5. Only had time to snatch. My max when starting outlaw, about 2 months ago, was 155. Today I hit 180 first try and missed 185 on the other 2 attempts. Thanks for the awesome programming

  6. Sn – 85kg (PR is 88kg)… almost got 90kg… almost…
    DL – 160kg/352# (PR by 12#)
    Diane – 12:50 (first time I’ve ever done Diane and I did the first set with strict HSPU… need to try kipping next time)

  7. Just started following the site. I won’t be 100% with the met-cons until after May 18th. I have a USAW meet I am training for. That being said I have 3 new PRs this week. 112Kg snatch (+1.5) 144 Clean (+1) 143 Jerk (+4). Good week so far. Will try to put together the clean and jerk either sunday or monday. Can’t wait to line up my programming with the site after the meet and see where my crossfit goes. Thanks Rudy.

  8. 29/170lb/5’10”

    Snatch technique practice

    450lb Deadlift

    Diane: 4:59

  9. 1RM Snatch

    225# (PR is 240#), missed 235# three times, I haven’t been able to get the 235# for a couple months, but at least the 225’s have been going up consistently.

    1RM Deadlift

    395# (previous PR was 385#), failed twice at 400# before going down to 395#.


    6:17 (previous PR was 6:20)

  10. 19 y/o 7 months into crossfit outlaw for 2 weeks
    stood up with 210# dropped before I had control
    375# (50# decrease from december)
    3:05 (matched pr from february)

  11. 210, 5# PR, not a huge number or jump, but I really pumped, I’ve been stuck at 205 forever

    405 dead, less than I wanted but I’m okay with it

  12. Diane PR 2:14. Little better than my 6:00+ last regionals. Did about 125 strict hspu that workout. Judge no rep’d me about 40 times for my fingers being on the line. After it was over, they basically told me sorry. No big deal… thank god for the new judges course. Oh wait I think 13.2 had a few no reps. On a better note… great to see all of the PR’s

  13. BBG:
    235 – 10 lbs off PR

    465 lbs – I have the posterior chain of an infant – this is only 5 lbs more than the HBBS I hit the other day

    4:04 – 20 seconds slower than PR at regionals last year

  14. Today=lulz

    225 missed 245 a fucking lot- un pr fml

    475 dl
    Un pr by 30# haha fml

    3:44 Diane w/ titin vest. Regionals hspu standards are a gut check.


    • Hahahaha!! Just realized I had 175 on the bar. Doesn’t matter, time was still pathetic because DLs were UB. For some reason I could not keep my heels on the wall for the life of me.

  15. Snatch 135# 5 off PR just couldn’t finish would have had 155
    Deadlift 285 new PR since back injury
    “Diane” 8:39 after back injury not bad

    Would love to take advantage of your 20,000 facebook like discount but items I would like to buy have been sold out since I saw the post.

  16. 200# Snatch (10lb PR)


    2:45PR (I have done this 4 times since starting in August, first time was 4:59, 4:14, 3:26, then 2:45. Felt good to be under 3 mins)

  17. 198lb Snatch for a 23lb PR since starting a month or so ago. 8lb PR since last Saturday. Hit this on Monday so strength and Diane were left off in favor of getting back on track for Monday’s schedule…

  18. snatch 185, 5#pr
    dl 365 matched conventional stance pr
    my dl has never matched my back squat. its frustrating. i may try to incorporate pulling from a deficit on some days.
    diane 7:40
    way better than my first diane which was 10+minutes

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