>Daddy day care is busy today, so you guys get nothing but ridiculous lifts to look at. Remember when no one knew how to use blocks, and Chad Melton was a guy Kris Clever had to vouch for to get in the Outlaw Open? Funny.

>Matt Hathcock – 275# Snatch from blocks:

>Wasn’t gonna run this. I know you guys are getting sick of seeing this dude PR, but I had to put this up to give the guy up there ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ something to chase.

Daniel Tyminski – 285# Snatch from blocks:

>Chad Melton – 335# Hi-Hang Clean (with “Estradaesque” over pull and broad jump):

WOD 130328:

Rest day.

9 responses to “130328

  1. Hey rudy or anyone i suppose, i had a question about this weeks squat drills, whats the skill transfer of not re racking the weight aside from the obvious torture…

    • I don’t care how much you snatch, until you break the American record if you use oly anymore the bearded Gods may start taking kilos from you.

  2. I’ve only been following outlaw for about a month now but I was wondering if anyone takes an active rest day, like an easy run or some skill work?

  3. I’d guess its training. Trying to breathe while you stabilize a large load should be transferable to any movements that can be broken up. For example, if you had to do a super heavy “grace” you can rack it on your shoulders and still rest. In that case its 6 seconds of rest and not 6 seconds plus another six to approach the bar. The benefit being not worrying if you are going to buckle, or dropping the bar and taking precious seconds. Additionally, I’m sure its a different kind of ‘skeletal load’ response. Just my theory.

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