>Johnny Medina – 300# Clean @ 160# (1.9 times BW)

>Now if he could just afford some trousers…

Josh Auer – 250# Snatch:

WOD 130323:


3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch.

3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.

*Rest as needed between all attempts.


Front Squats: 1X8 @ 70%, 2X5 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85% – rest 75 sec. (based on: 130309)


For time:

Row 2k
50 Pistols (alternating legs)
30 Hang Cleans (any style) 225/135#

*15 minute time cap.

40 responses to “130323

  1. Damn these are some impressive lifts. Hopefully one day I’ll be close to that but knowing how this sport is growing and how much Weightlifting is becoming more accessible to everybody, I figure by the time I can do 250/300#, it’ll be the norm and people will have a 300/350#.
    Small little side question maybe a lot of people can answer… I have seen a few other videos of impressive PR Cleans at heavy weight. Why not attempt the jerk along with it? I haven’t seen too many programming, here or elsewhere, where it’s build up to a 1RM Clean (no jerk). I can so not doing the jerk on a double or triple attempt but on a single? Just curious and looking to get some insight from others. Obviously if your program says 1RM Clean, then only Clean it, don’t Jerk it.

    • A lot of people having trouble going over head with their 1RM clean. I know a lot of athletes who can not jerk anywhere close to their best clean but everyone is different.

  2. This is a joke about front squats and pistols after this atrocity today right??? I can’t take a dump without going into quad convulsions

  3. Might be a stupid question but do we work up to a pr and get 3 attempts at it or do we just get 3 attempts total

  4. BBG
    1) missed 107kg 3 times
    2) only got to 125kg

    Off of 140kg

    16:43 Had to finish it. Pistols took 5 minutes.
    Quads were a bit fried for obvious reasons.

  5. Snatch: 97.5kg , missed 102.5 twice which would have been PR. Failed to lock out one arm.
    C&J: 125kg (easy), 130 (f jerk), PR attempt at 137.5kg (fail)

    FS: Done of 150kg PR, pretty easy

    Conditioning: Got to 26 reps of cleans. Did the WOD two months back and managed to get through it in about 14 min. Must be the fatigue…

    Got 254 on 13.3 yesterday. Satified with that. Haven’t done MU or ring dips in a couple of months because of a shoulderinjury.

      • I think it is better by one, so pretty happy about it. Not trying to qualify for anything this year, so just trying to have fun with it. My wife is giving birth within the next couple of weeks and i have exams at the academy just around regionals.

  6. Snatch PR @ 200lb
    Failed jerk 3x @ 300lb

    Front squats done off of 330lb

    Row – 7:11
    Pistols – around 11:00
    Cleans – 17 x 225lb before 15 min cap

  7. bbg:
    snatch: 145 15# off of PR
    clean and jerk 170 15# off of PR

    front squat off of 195#

    skipped conditioning

  8. BBGym:
    1) 155, 165(f)(f)
    2) 195, 205, 215(5#pr)

    1) Off 255

    *100c AD/ 185 HC
    10 HC

    • Running will get you winded but honestly just doesn’t tax the posterior chain like rowing does. Here we sub KB swings for rows pretty often, roughly 10-12/100m (overhead). Just an option

  9. BBG (kilo plates today)
    1) 262, missed 277 twice.
    2) 311, missed 330 twice.


    Off 355

    Conditioning (This was a 100% a 90% effort)

    18 cleans @ 225.

  10. BBG: Felt exhausted. 1)145, missed 155 twice. 2) 175, missed 180 jerk twice. I am horrible at going oh.

    Strength: 1×8 155, 2×5 175, 2×3 185. No misses. Ouch.

    Conditioning: 14:07 pr. Row: 8:05. Pistols felt horrible not sure when I got to the cleans (I think around 11:15) Cleans felt okay. Opened with a set of 8. Then did 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2.
    My legs are destroyed.

  11. BBG:
    1.) 225
    2.) 275*PR

    190×8, 220x5x5, 235x3x3

    (No Rower so did 7:40 of 50 Pistols and HC: 6 HC)

  12. Finally found a place to workout in Atlanta, but just did the conditioning.

    Finished 11 hang cleans Rx in the time cap

    Went ahead and finished the 30

  13. forgot to post results.

    1) worked up to 185 with snatch deadlift + snatch (form has been suffering lately, felt like I needed something like this) failed at 195 twice, left it out front.
    2) time constraints, skipped max attempt, used c&J to warm up for front squats

    Front Squats off 335, hit everything

    11 hang power cleans 3-3-2-1-1-1
    **7:30 2k row, 3:30 minutes for pistols

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