New Orleans Camp, we loved your wood.

WOD 130227:

BB Gymnastics

1) 7×1 Vertical Snatch off High Blocks – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO

2) 7×1 Vertical Clean off High Blocks + 1 Push Jerk – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


7 rounds for total HSPU of:

2 minutes to complete-

Row 20 Calories
12 Lateral Box Jumps 20″

*Rest 1 minute after each round.

Notes: The feet must make contact with the top of the box on every jump. Every pass over the top of the box counts one rep.

83 responses to “130227

    • Total amount of reps at the end is the total handstand push-ups performed after the rowing and box jumps throughout all 7 rounds.

  1. Thanks to all the attendees of the New Orleans camp! I enjoyed meeting all of you and could not think of a better way to spend a work day than throwing around weight from 9 to 5! Special thanks to Rudy, Spencer, Winchester, and Christy for putting on an awesome camp, CrossFit NOLA had a great time!

  2. WOD 130227:

    BB Gymnastics

    1) 6×1 @ 90# 1×1 @ 95#
    2) 7×1 115#


    7 rounds for total HSPU of:

    2 minutes to complete-

    Row 20 Calories
    12 Lateral Box Jumps 20″

    *Rest 1 minute after each round.

    44 HSPUs

  3. For optimal results, is it best to do the conditioning right after the BBG and Strength work or should it be done separately, like BBG and Strength in the morning and conditioning in the afternoon (or vice versa)?

    • Those are my “travel shoes”, Jesse. I’m scared my Romo’s will get lost on the road. Plus… Spencer, Winchester, and I get to be the “Traffic Cone Three Amigos”.

  4. Got a question here, I just started following the program a couple of weeks ago and I feel like my shoulders aren’t keeping up. The rest of my body feels fine though. Any suggestions on how to bring my shoulders up to par without sacrificing the volume with everything else like when clean and jerks are programmed?

    • I felt the same at first, I quit jerking over 225 (80%) cause I kept jacking up my rt shoulder (still go heavy on occasion). Plus I hate dumping heavy at globo gym. I know I’m suffering on my jerks but hspu’s and presses are getting stronger and I really need to work on them. I’m no expert but that’s helped me.

  5. Maybe my row techniques is garbage bc it was taking me like 1:25 to finish the rows, then another like 25-30 seconds for the box jumps, not leaving me much time for the HSPU. Guess I need to push harder!!!

    HSPU: 42

  6. bbg no boxes to work with today. did lifts from high hang with as little eccentric dip as possible
    snatches 135-145
    clean+jerk 180

    HSPU werent the issue. it was getting through those damn box jumps

  7. MFS
    1/2/4 (still babying the shoulder)

    BBG: all light weight

    Cond: 13,11,9,11,12,10,10 = 76 total (thought I did descent til I saw you swolltarded mother fuckers in triple digits. Gotdayyum, good job people)

  8. Working with a partner on the blocks today with different bars so did 3 sets of 3 reps of each movement. Rest was about :45 to 90 seconds between reps.

    1) 225, two misses but made them up
    2) 275, three misses but made them up


    103 reps. I need to go to wall faster. Ran out of time each set.

  9. 1. 145 x 3, 165 x 1 (form sucked) , 155 x 3
    2. 205 across

    49 hspu, box jumps after row killed me

    M/27/187# NE Region

  10. EMOM for 7 minutes
    1 power snatch + 1 mid hang snatch
    75, 80, 80, 80, 80, 80, 80kg

    11, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7 HSPU

    4 rounds for time
    10 ghd sit ups
    10 kbps swings 32kg
    40 double unders

  11. BBGym:
    1) 135, 145×2, 150×2, 155, 165(5# PR from blocks- also matches pr from the ground FML)
    2) 165, 175, 185×2, 195, 200×2(no jerk)

    *20cal AirDyne/strict HSPU
    -conditioning this week has been deceivingly difficult, nice.


  12. Did hihang, no boxes
    1) 185
    2) 260-split jerk
    Tried not to dip. Working on speed.

    Cond: subbed in close stance 70lb KB deadlift high pulls (not the best) for row calories.
    111 HSPU


  13. 1)up to 175
    2)up to 235… throat punched myself at 245…. twice, that sucked

    75 reps

    **i screwed up though. i did the 1st three rds without rest. oops.

    it is either this particular or wod or this weeks setup… I am completely drained of all life energy at the moment. crashing…..now

  14. Just for clarification sake, each round ended at the 2 minute mark even if you were in the midst of hspu, correct? or did I completely mess that up and I was suppose to just keep going with the hspu until I failed, regardless of time, then take the minute rest

  15. Hip height block snatch

    Up to 99kg, had 102 in my hands twice but it was getting really crowded in the gym so I just stopped….didn’t want to kill someone if I missed.

    Conditioning….dammit, I did the Outlaw CF version

    5 Rounds
    20 KB swings, 24kg
    12 lateral box jumps, 20inch

    Total – 120 *** 5 rounds

    Would have loved to keep going for 7 rounds and try to hit Kevin’s 161.
    Don’t think I would have quite gotten there. Probably 155ish.

    First workout I have kipped the HSPU on right from the beginning and still had a decent result. they are getting much better.


    Shoulders a bit beat up and just generally tired coming into today. 5th day on, shit ton of volume.

  16. BB Gymnastics
    1) 7×1 Vertical Snatch off High Blocks – 135/135/145/150/155/155
    2) 7×1 Vertical Clean off High Blocks + 1 Push Jerk – 175 x 7


    11/8/8/8/5/5/6 Total 51

  17. Got my first muscle up today. About freaking time. Thank you Outlaw 🙂

    Snatches: 105, 105, 105, 115 (M), 110, 110, 115

    Cleans: 125, 135, 135, 145, 145, 145

    Conditioning: 25 HSPU’s

  18. Day 2: Wrecked from yesterday

    1.) 95-140 (Wasn’t sure where to start)
    2.) 145-200 (Again, guessed on where to start)

    Cond – 24… owwwwwww

  19. Shoulder still not right so no snatches or HSPU, and I can’t clean from blocks any higher than mid thigh or I will always hit the plates on the blocks….so I decided not to follow outlaw today and do EMOM for 10min: 1 clean heaviest possible…..

    110/110/115/120/120/125/125/130/130/136kg Finally hit the 300lb clean mark! Fuck yea.

    2a) 3×5 strict weighted pullups – 70#/75/75
    2b) 3×5 strict weighted dips – 70/75/75

    AMRAP 5:
    5 DL @ 110kg
    10 GHD situps
    15 Pistols (alternating)

    4 rounds + 5 DL

  20. 146

    Kip felt really good today. I might just ditch doing strict handstand push ups altogether. those box jumps got nasty. almost ate shit a few times.

  21. I’ve been tired & pain for a week, so I took 2 days off, but still my shoulder is not right.
    It was terrible for ALL of them. I was very disappointed today.

    1) 125#(F), 115#x2, 125#(F),125#, 135#(F)2

    I had only 10~13sec for HSPS. And I felt pain my right shoulder, so I just did couple HSPUs.
    3rounds: 7

  22. BBG:

    105 fail, got under it 4 times then gave up.

    Boxes were a little high, stayed lighter to keep from hitting them. Aggravating.

    22 HSPU Rx

  23. Snatch: 95,95,95,105,105,115,115
    C&J: 135,135,145,145,150,150

    Cond: 12 total HSPUs, lat box jumps ate my lunch. Good wod.

  24. 1) 95# x 3
    115# x 4

    2) 135

    Only 5 rounds
    20 Burpees (no rower)
    8, 10, 13, 8, 8 (one abmat)

    Any suggested subs for rowing for calories?

  25. That condition was rough.

    I got through 4 rounds doing 20 cals, then chaged to 15 cals as I was getting to the wall with about 5 seconds left. I know if I had kept with 20, I wouldn’t have made it to the wall at all the last rounds.

    1) 11
    2) 6
    3) 2
    4) 4
    5) 4*
    6) 5*
    7) 7*

    So, my real score was 23.

  26. 1) 70, 75f, 80, 85f (hook grip blew out), 85, 90f, 90f, Had 90kg in hands twice and once more off the record but just missing forward.
    2) 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 117kg. Nailed all of them, all push jerk.

    Conditioning (84)

    didn’t really go for my fast cycle hspu’s, should of for total reps sake. these intervals hurt bad. I looked like a ghoul afterwards (sunken darkened eyes from HSPUs and pasty white face), awesome

  27. BBG:
    1. 100
    2. 125
    **Quickly gave up on doing these completely. Very awkward and more frustrating than anything.

    17 HSPU.
    Kept getting to the wall with less than 10 seconds, had no chance of even burning out on the HSPU. Immediately following the WOD I did 21 UB and that made me feel better.

  28. 29/m/5’11″/190
    had to go with high hang power on both; hurt my knee and was scared to squat
    1) 95-115-135-145-155-165-175-185(fff)
    2) 135-155-175-195-205-225-235


  29. BBG
    1. 135, 155, 175, 185(f), 180, 185, 185
    2. 215, 225, 230, 235(missed Jerk)x2, 235, 240
    70 HSPU


  30. BBG
    1) 155/160/160/165/170/170/175
    2) 185/205/210/215/215/220/220 – (felt good)

    16/17/13/13/13/9/11 = 92
    average 48 sec row


  31. BB Gymnastics
    1) •165,185,185,205,205,210,215#(PR)
    2) •185,205,225,225,245,245,250#(PR)
    •56 HSPU’s (did 16 jumps of the first round and 18 on the second because I lost track)

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