Good times.


WOD 130215:


1a) 5X2 Top Pull Deadlifts @ 90% – rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
1b) 5X3 Bench Press w/ chains @ 55% bar + 25% chains – rest 60 sec.

Notes: The barbell should be loaded with 55% of 1rm, then 25% of the 1rm should be added in chain weight.

2a) 3X5 Tempo Supinated Weighted Pull-ups – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Notes: The movement tempo should be up quickly, 3 count pause with chin over the bar, and 3 count descent before exploding back up. DO NOT use a weight that will not allow you to keep tempo.

2b) 3X10 Strict Weighted GH Raise – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec. (no swing, start from a position parallel to the floor) DEMO VIDEO


30 KBS 32/24kg
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
30 C2B Pull-ups
Row 1k
20 KBS 32/24kg
20 Wall Balls 20/14#
20 C2B Pull-ups

For time.


3X25 Reverse Hypers – medium, rest 60 sec.

90 responses to “130215

  1. Looking to transfer my spot in the Atlanta training camp to someone who is able to go, it is April 19-21st. Sadly a work commitment has stolen me away for the weekend. Price is 299.00, let me know if interested.

  2. 1a) 295#
    1b) 185# no chains/bands

    2a) 20#
    2b) 95# Good Mornings, no GHD (rec gym blows at school)

    Cond: 18:47, 65# thrusters for wall balls, sorry for all the subs


    feedback? Great stuff, thanks guys!

  3. 1a) 405# these are legit, “hate em’, but love em'”…
    1b) 185# plus bands from a 70# kb

    2a) 25#
    2b) 10#

    Cond: 14:24 rx UB KBS and WB’s, C2B’s were brutal! Row took more out of me than was expecting.

    Midline: 14# medi ball on GHD

    2/5/5 spent…

  4. Strength
    1a. 175(2),185(2),195
    1b. 125# (NO CHAINS)
    2a. 5#
    2b. 10#
    Conditioning (modified)
    53# KB, 12# wb, pulls (not C2B)

  5. 1a) off 505

    1b) Off 285

    2a) 53, 58 (4/1.), 53

    2b) 35#


    Midline: ghetto setup with 2 benches (found on youtube)…hung 25# kb on a weight belt and used that…really awkward

  6. Strength:
    1a. 205#
    1b. 100# (pause at the bottom, no chains)
    2a. One set with 5#, then no weight.
    2b. No weight

    17:52 Rx


  7. 1a) 225#, 235# 240#x3 I stuck same 1RM DL for a year. I couldn’t lift 245# after last regional, so I tried little by litte for DL.

    1b)135#x5 (no chains, so I did it @ 80%)

    2a) BWx2 , 5#x1
    2b) guess 20#~25#

    17:13 (with 20# wall ball – I couldn’t use target, so I throw it to the sky and caught.)

    Midline: 2X15 (used band)

    Today’s cond is ALL my goats movements. It was fun and great practice. Thank you, coach Rudy!!

  8. Strength

    1a) 385lb
    1b) 235lb + 35lb band tension

    2a) 25lb
    2b) substituted ghd with 10lb heavier than last week

    *substitited 45# thruster for wall balls

    *Substituted single leg RDL from deficit

  9. Str-
    1a) off 450 (horrible)
    1b) off 265 used black & red bands.. don’t have chains

    2a) 12 kg
    2b) 20# slam ball

    12:21 rx’d
    -broke more then I thought I would on the KB

    15# dumbbell

  10. Str โ€“

    1a) off 470
    1b) off 300

    2a) Body Weight, 15lbs, 15lbs
    2b) 35lbs

    Cnd โ€“


    Fat Bar RDL 75lbs

  11. Strength:
    1a) Off 425
    1b) Off of 215

    2a) 15, 15, 10
    2b) 3×10 straight leg DL@205

    *100cal AirDyne for row
    -AD took about 6min


  12. Top pulls (very similar to a Romanian?)
    1 @ 180, 3 @ 190kg
    Ring press ups
    Chin ups
    Couldn’t string wall balls together and rowed like a granny
    Reverse hypers on a ghd

  13. 1a.) 365 ~ 85%
    1b.) 150 + 40# (should have been 130+60# chains but not enough chains)

    2a.) 20, 20, 20x(4fx1)pi
    2b.) 25, 25, 25

    12:31 as Rx

    20x(12x7x6), 15×25, 15×25 ~ (GHD w/DB between feet)

  14. DL: Did Romanians instead(tweeked back doing 3×10 a few weeks ago not gonna risk it)
    Bench: Off 435

    GHR:25lb plate

    9:56 (Almost threw up,miserable)

  15. 1a) 5 x 2 top pull dl off of 510
    1b) 5 x 3 bench w/chains off of 350

    2a) 30# (f on tempo on 5 on set 3)
    2b) bw

    conditioning: 10:43 broke pullups too much

    Top pull dl were surprisingly better than i thought they would be.

  16. 1a) 5×2 @410
    1b) 4×3 @150 w/72lb, 1×3 @190 w/ 72lb (36lb total chain weight, clamped on 36lbs of total kb weight)

    2a) 3×5 @53lbs
    2b) 3×10 @10lbs (do them right today, wow that hurt good!)

    Conditioning: 15:20 rx

    Live action, yee yee yee!

  17. Strength
    1a) 152.5 kg (Based of 170 kg)
    1b) 50kg bar weight + 24 kg or kettlebells on bands (Based off 90 kg)
    2a) Set 1&2 – 5 kg, set 3 – BW
    2b) BW – “Stricter” than last week

    11: 36 scaled KBS and reg pull ups

  18. 1a) 410
    1b) 145 w/ 10 chains (7.5lbs a chain)

    2a) 40-
    2b) used BB to hold my feet no weight.

    Cond) 14:28 53lbs KB and bike instead of row.

  19. Out of order today so I could do the conditioning with a trainer partner.


    1a) 365, 385, 405, 405, 405 – Started conservative.
    1b) 245 for all. No Chains.



    2a) Pronated and no weight after conditioning. Arms fried.
    2b) No weight but strict

    Subbed Good Mornings for reverse hypers.

  20. 1a) 243lbs (super glad we haven’t 1 RM’d dead lifts in a while, it wasn’t so bad today)
    1b) 110 lbs (no chains)

    2a) BW
    2b) 10 lbs

    Conditioning: 14:54. I suck at C2B PUs.

  21. Havent posted in over half a year, injured and shit.
    a) off 505
    b) off 305

    2a) 32 lbs
    2b) 25 lbs


    Hypers done on ghd contraption

    3x 1 mile airdyne sprint 1:1


    then 20 min z1 flush

    1/3/7 (back)

  22. I’m looking to get some Oly lifting shoes and was wondering what type of fit I should be looking for. I generally wear a 12.5 but most of the shoes I’ve looked at only offer 12 or 13. Is a little smaller or a little bigger better? Also, where could I try some on. Any mainstream stores out there that sell them?

    • I have a pair of Nike Romaleos 2 in11.5 All Black. They run long I would need to order an 11, but then they would be too narrow. Only wore them three times, first time at the Outlaw Opens and they have been sitting ever since. They are a little too narrow for my caveman foot. If you are interested let me know.

    • they seem to run big, but ask around for each brand. I have addidas and they seem to be true to size. Someone found some at a Ross in Washington State recently strangely enough. Otherwise I have never heard of them being sold at a brick and mortar store. I got mine from a local oly equipment supplier so I could try them on. He happened to be 20 min from my house at the time.

  23. 1a) 150kg
    1b) 135 + some red bands.

    2a) 12kg
    2b) 16kg

    Cond: 45lb KB subbed. What gym doesn’t have a 70lber

    13 min
    Pullups smoked me.

    Hypers: done.


  24. 1a.) up to 315
    1b.) 135# w/ 2ร—35# kb hanging from each side

    2a.) 15lbs
    2b.) BW

    Conditioning โ€“ 11:55 rxโ€™d

  25. Strength:

    1a. 485; no wraps
    1b. 195+chains
    2a. 30
    2b. 30




    75 reps of SLDL @ 225; wraps

  26. deadlift 330 for first 2 sets. back was feeling shitty so dropped to 315
    bench 145+bands
    pullups 5
    GHR 10

    spent about 7 of those minutes on c2b pu. i havent figured out how to string those together yet. on the bright side, i accomplished my goal of making my wall balls unbroken.

    reverse hypers-done with mini band

  27. 1a) Used 495 off 555, a few pounds under 90% but it smoked me.
    1b) 265 at the top, off 325. pretty easy today

    2a) Chins @ 0-5-5, these were hard today. They’re always hard.
    2b) GHR @ 0-10-10, these are feeling better.

    Cond) 14:26 with reg pullups, not chest to bar.

  28. Mixed up the strength a bit today.

    Power Cleans, touch and go

    185 x 5
    205 x 5
    225 x 3 x 5


    315 x 10
    335 x 10
    365 x 10


    155 x 3
    160 x 3
    165 x 3
    170 x 3
    175 x 3

    GH Raises

    3 x 10 – 30# slam ball



  29. 1a) off 460 – my shins hate you
    1b) off 275

    2a) 26# kb
    2b) 15/5/10 15 was too much, 5 was too easy, 10 was just right … I did 15 last week ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    12:48. Surprised how crapy everything felt after the first 30 KB swings. R

  30. DL 255
    Bench with pause at bottom 115
    Pull ups 10#
    GHD raise rigged with barbell and mats on floor

    Conditioning 13:27

    Skipped rev hypers

  31. Posted earlier but it didn’t go through…
    Off 505 pulls
    Off 305 bench

    32 lbs chins
    25 lbs ghr


    Later airdyne work
    3x 1 mile sprints 1:1 rest

    Then z1 flush for 20 min

    1/3/7 back hurts

  32. Strength:
    1A) 495 (Off of 550, used straps this time around. MUCH better)
    1B) 205
    2A) 30-35-45lbs
    2B) 15-10-10

    Conditioning: 10:45
    Anyone who got this under 10, PROPS!!!
    Mid Line: Done w/o weight.

  33. Strength:
    1a. 285 (Based off 315)
    1b. 105 + Chains
    2a. 15-20-20
    2b. Had to push off box at the bottom, still working up the strength on these

    Conditioning: 16:05
    C2B slowed me down, but making progress ๐Ÿ™‚

    Midline: No weight

  34. 1a) based off of 375#
    1b) 250# (no chains)
    2a) 53,44,44#
    2b) 10,10, no weight
    Red band

  35. 1a 450#
    1b 250#…not paying attention to the figures. Should have done 270# accordingly

    2a 25#
    2b 25

  36. Strength.
    1a) 405 (only 80% but hands/shins were bleeding so I worked on “staying back”)
    1b) 165×4,185 w ~60lbs effective chains (84lb total chain)

    2a) bw
    2b) bw

    Only a 36k KB…. UB but it Was tough
    Sub 45lb thruster for Wall ball

    16:52 w a 3:31 lazy row (pull ups kill me, 6’2″ 220lbs w long arms)

  37. 1a) 155kg
    1b) Subbed tempo bench at 95kg
    2a) 45# across
    2b) 10kg / 10 / 15

    No time for conditioning today.

    Midline – 45# across

  38. BBG
    1b) 67.5kg + bands

    2a) 15kg
    2b) Unweighted with a spotter to help


    3 x 25 Good Mornings @ 20kg

  39. Strength:
    1a) top pull deadlifts: 265lb
    1b) bench: 70lb bar weight + 40lb chains
    2a) supinated pull-ups: no weight
    2b) strict GH raise: 15lb

    Conditioning: 17:43 Rx

    120lbs all sets

  40. Strength

    1a) 5X2 300# regular DL
    1b) 5X3 160# no chains
    2a) 3X5 Tempo Supinated Weighted Pull-ups 25#, 20#, 15#

    2b) 3X10 Strict Weighted GH Raise โ€“ no weight


    15:01 24kg KB



  41. DL at 385×2,375,and 325×2
    bench off 280
    tempo sup pu at 35, f on 5th rep in set2and3
    strict GHraise started at 25lbs plate went to 15 and nothing later on.
    wod with 75lbs kbs in 10:38 C2B were very bad those tempo pu took a lot out of me.

  42. Strength

    1a) 5X2 Top Pull Deadlifts @ 90% โ€“ 455, horrible
    1b) 5X3 Bench Press w/ chains @ 55% bar + 25% chains โ€“ 135 + 60 in chains
    2a) 3X5 Tempo Supinated Weighted Pull-ups โ€“ all with 45lb plate
    2b) 3X10 Strict Weighted GH Raise โ€“ Done, no weight, I suck at this
    Conditioning: 14:00 RX
    all KB swings and Wallball UB
    3X25 Reverse Hypers โ€“ 140

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