Well, I’ve downed 8 bottles of Gatorade, watched every episode of Duck Dynasty (it’s so fake, but still fun), and I’m still effing sick. The only entertainment I’ve got for you today is the thought of me trying to get to the pharmacy and back home again, without something shooting out somewhere. Enjoy.

WOD: 130201


1) 10 minutes to establish a 1rm Push Press.

2) 1 attempt, ME UB Muscle-Ups (a mulligan may be taken).

3) 1 attempt, ME UB Double-Unders (a mulligan may be taken).

4) 10 minutes to establish a 1rm Bench Press.

5) Row 2k for time.

104 responses to “130201

  1. Please look up the first six Duck Commander videos, not the TV shows. Browning Gold shotguns, Copenhagen and Coon Asses killing avian makes for fantastic television minus all the other stuff. I strongly recommend the DVD “Straight Powder.”

      • Yeah, my first call was their original double reed. Sounded like a kazoo, but it worked ok for a newbie. That was before I learned about RNT. I still use the DC teal call.

        • RNT is bar none the best. I can turn them with one and I’m an idiot. A real idiot. My back squat sucks, too, but at least I can do something about that.

  2. 1.) 225 (disappointing)
    2.) 10
    3.) 47
    4.) 235 (disappointing, I need more upper body strength.)
    5.) Got to 1k at 3:34 and realized my legs are tired and weak. Lost it…

  3. 1) 205 (PR)
    2) 11 (Had the strength, lost the grip)
    3) 50 (Sucks)
    4) 265 (-20, time limit)
    5) Ran .88 Miles in 4:50 (Didn’t have a kick)

  4. push press 220
    bar mu’s 3
    du’s 60, thats double my previous PR!
    bench 265 most i’ve hit is 290, but thats back in the day when bench was much more of a priority
    2k row 7:34

  5. PP- 175

    No MU subbed ME Pull Ups and Ring Dips- 23/8

    DU- 3 đŸ˜¡

    Bench- 205

    Row- 8:23

    Why am I even posting this? haha

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  7. Push Press: 205 (ties PR but felt easier)
    Muscle-Ups: 7
    DUBs: 74
    Bench: 215 (PR is 225, so this sucked)
    2K Row: 8:36

  8. Push press-215 (couldn’t lock out 225)
    Still can’t get the muscle up but am getting closer
    Bench-300, 15 off pr
    7:01 2k row 16 sec off pr

  9. 1- 210#

    2- 8 (really low ceilings so no rope length off the rings… makes it much harder as it’s basically a strict MU.. cant even fully extend at top of MU so I guess you can say zero lol)

    3- 129 (wasnt getting worn down at all, the damn workers putting heat in our box have shit all over the box and my rope hit some duct work… loud yelling/cursing ensued)

    4- 235#

    5- 7:14

    Overall shitty last week or so, hope I can snap the f out of it soon. Didn’t PR anything this week strength wise, feel great with the WOD’s but still frustrated.

  10. 1) 255# (20# PR!)

    2) 9 (PR is 10, I had lots in the tank but slipped off the ring)

    3) 79 (PR is 332)

    4) 260# (10# PR!)

    5) 7:03 (PR is 6:57)

    Today is the first day my back hasn’t hurt from the 3×10 last Friday. Feel pretty good though.

  11. 1) 255 (probably could of done more, ran out of time)
    2) 4
    3) 57
    4) 315
    5) 5:07 (.88 mile run)
    *insert witty comment here*

  12. 1) 185

    2) 9 (strictish-no room for swing)

    3) 53

    4) 215(5# recent pr)

    5) 7:39-rowed twice since the last time we tested this

  13. 275 push press, ties PR, missed 285xFFF
    3 MU, PR by 1 rep, heh
    51 DU, PR by 10 or so
    305 Bench, 15lbs under PR

    2k in 8:20, took a nap on this, couldn’t get fired up

  14. Long time lurker and follower, first time posting, figure now is as good a time as any to start

    1) 275

    2)13, had a blow out and lost ring behind me, felt like a few more in the tank

    3)99, ughhhh



  15. 4 PR’s in one session

    1. 250 PR have more in me but my shoulder was bugging out.
    2. 11 PR but I’m not satisfied. slipped my grip
    3. 100 PR *one inch extension on my right foot still causing issues. didn’t wear down,
    just caught a toe.
    4. 275 PR …big PR

    5. didn’t get to the row, had to jet.

  16. 1) 265
    2) 11; grip went to hell. cant manage to maintain grip
    3) 107
    4) 316
    5) 6:41, felt good and that I left some in the reserve

  17. 245# push press 10# pr
    24 muscle ups (i dont think i need to practice these anymore)
    186 dubs
    225# bench (yep i can push press more thank i can bench)
    7:01- i really wanted sub 7 god dammit. I hate rowing. It’s so boring and I’m terrible at it.

  18. I did Isabelle first since I wasn’t able to get to the gym Wednesday or Thursday.

    3:37 Isabelle

    133 lb push press
    0 muscle ups (1 bar muscle up, and did some skill work on ring muscle ups)
    50 DUs
    no bench or row

    bad week for training… out of town for work,

  19. 260 # PP pr 35# ( it’s been a while)
    8 MU
    80 du
    285 Bench
    7 min on Airdyne (my 2k row time) 180 cals not great but still had some good lactic acid buildup.

  20. 1. 135 (10# PR from less than a month ago)
    2. N/A
    3. 26 (seriously?)
    4. 125 (10# PR from the last time we 1RM)
    5. 8:43.2

  21. 1)255
    4)300, failed @315
    5) 6:35, wanted sub 6:30 but I haven’t done enough Burpees to get back in shape lately

  22. 1) 235
    2) 12
    3) 105
    4) 265
    5) 6:58

    All PRs…I’ve never rowed over 1200m before so I’m happy with this time. I can definitely get sub 6:50. Wasn’t as fried as I thought I would be. My 6’2” height and long legs has finally helped me a little.

  23. 1) 225 matches PR, just couldn’t lock out 240 but I know I’ve got it.
    2) don’t have proper set up to test ME
    3) 33, no where close to my PR just struggling with them lately.
    4) 275 matched PR, think I’ve got more
    5) 7:39 last week but my damper was too low so ill test again soon. Did Elizabeth instead today 5:25, over a 2min PR

  24. Push Press-300
    Double Unders-114
    Bench-Didn’t Do (Pulled a pec muscle a couple months ago and still scared to go heavy on Bench and aggravate it so close to the Open)
    Row- 7:23

  25. Push Press-265
    Double Unders-111
    Bench Press- 265
    Row- 6:59

    An “eh” day. Came in with a lot of energy, but a lot of things just didnt click. PR for Push Press is 275. Last week I did 135 UB Double Unders, my bench press is PR is 275 and the row was a PR, but it was ABSOLUTE MURDER.

    Can’t wait for next week.

  26. Push Press – 135
    Muscle Ups – 3
    Double Unders – 51 (grr)
    Bench Press – 155 (+5 PR)
    Row – 8:35 (That was HORRIBLE)

  27. 1 215#
    2 Almost got my first… fucking MU’s
    3 83
    4 225 failed at 235, previous PR 245
    5 Did Isabel since missed that on Wednesday – 4:19

  28. F/5’/114#

    First I did technique work on the Snatch & Clean and PRd my clean at 135#. I’m still feeling out these lifts and learning them.

    PP: 95# I haven’t lifted anything heavy overhead lately due to a shoulder injury 6 months ago
    MU: 4
    DU: 43 (can do better)
    Bench: 125#
    No row, have a competition coming up so did a partner competition wod to practice it

  29. PP 105kg
    10 Muscle Ups
    225 Double Unders
    125kg Bench
    Row 2K- 6:44.3

    Didn’t Rest yesterday. Thought I’d catch up a day.

  30. Tests-

    1) 1rm Push Press. 115/145/165/195/215/230/245/255F/250
    2) 1 attempt, ME UB Muscle-Ups: 7
    3) 1 attempt, ME UB Double-Unders : 144
    4) 1rm Bench Press: 195/210/225/245F/235
    5) Row 2k: 7:09

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