Got about half way through the article for today, then my stomach decided it would like to empty itself as rapidly as possible. Trust me, I’d much rather have been writing then doing what I was doing. Hopefully I’ll be back to full strength tomorrow, and will be able to get back to “nerd-festing” (I just made that up, nerd + infest… No?) the world with completely useless, yet relatively interesting elite exercise analysis.

Ryan Sunshine – 1:58 Diane:

WOD 130129:


20 minutes to establish a 1RM HBBS.



Run 400m @ 75% – rest 3 minutes.

Run 400m @ 85% – rest 4 minutes.

Run 400m @ 90% – rest 5 minutes.


Run 400m – all out.

106 responses to “130129

  1. Rudy, are you trying to turn this into the Mainsite blog???
    My only question is, I know you realize that the DLs were questionable and your time was blazing fast, but were those kipping DLs on the round of 21?

    • Ok, look everyone, no need for alarm. I actually didn’t even watch the Deadlifts, and basically skipped ahead to the HSPU so I could hurry and get back to the bathroom as quick as possible.

      Eh, they’re no worse than Dan Bailey’s on the “world record”. Does that mean I give them my 100% approval? Nope. Shit, if it were me I’d make Sunshine put steel plates on there and hold the bar with only his pinkies, but for a night when I literally “pooped out” the post – it’s fine.

      • True statement right there, and like Zach said above, work is work.
        Even though you would never see me do a workout with a lack of ROM like that, I will never have a sub 2 Diane , probably never a sub 4. Ryan is right in defending himself with, “get close to my time and then you can come talk to me about ROM.” I realized this when I was jealous of the fact that I will never be able to do Burpees as fast as Irving Hernandez(mainly because I am 16 inches taller and 80lbs heavier), but that Mother Fucker can still do Burpees fast as fuck regardless of whether or not he was opening his hips. So long story short STFU until you can get a sub 2 min Diane.

        • To play devil’s advocate here, does it actually count as “Diane” if ROM standards are not met? I’m not going to argue that the amount of work being done in the 1:58 isn’t a lot. The kid was moving blisteringly fast. However, he was slamming the rubber weights on the ground and wasn’t achieving full extension at the top of the lift. One could argue that the young Jedi should fix his ROM and then come talk to us about time. That goes for the “world record” as well. Lots of “work” (however the fuck you want to define it) being done sub 2:00? Yes. Diane sub 2:00? I have yet to see one.

      • Come on Coach…

        I’d give Dan Bailey a FEW of those first 21 reps at least.. I didn’t see a single correct rep in this video.. (deadlift reps..)

        No doubting your an animal Ryan, but if that’s the standards for all your movements your going to be hearing a lot of NO REP! come regionals..

  2. I’m amazed at how many people are quick to call out Ryan when none of these people posted a time or video. Quit worrying about someone else and do your own work.

  3. First off my HBBS 1RM Today was 425#…

    Second I did “Diane” yesterday and AGAIN couldn’t count fu*kin correctly for my 21 DL and only had 20. Not making excuses because I certainly do not call this official considering my missed rep, however if you would like to judge and critique my video I will certainly post it for you guys. 2:08

  4. Hi Coach,

    I started the programming a few days ago after a recovery week and had a weightlifting comp saturday 26 (so test my 1RM) , can i follow the template of previous week to avoid 2 weeks of deload as a “transition week” with less volume or intensity for the next cycle ?

    PS : Apologize for the” Frenchy English style”.

  5. Strength
    HBBS- 405. #10 PR. Something I’ve wanted to do for the past six years.

    Runs- 1:19, 1:10, 1:06, 1:00. And that’s to the grate and then around Tankdexter.

    • same here. and I’m pretty sure my regionals is going to be during finals week. But competitive exercise always comes first!

      • Yeah I don’t know what I’ll do yet. I’d rather not miss my senior spring break so I guess I’ll just do the wod in Florida

  6. Cond:
    75% – 1:47
    85% – 1:40
    95% – 1:33
    ME: 1:23 (PR)

    However, all that being said, I could have run a little faster. I am still learning this judging the running with percentages, and I know I ran hard and it was a PR, but think I can knock off a few more seconds. Happy with my progress.

  7. 4-8-1


    treadmills don’t go any faster and it’s storming outside

  8. fuck ya hi bar back squat pr!! 405lb 40lb pr… wow good day!
    it is raining i will make this up… its poring outside i want to kill this i was pissed it was raining today i was pumped to see how much faster i was…

  9. HBBS-335# (20# shy of PR) and I really struggled with this. Haven’t been close to new squat PR in a long time. WOD’s feel much better but still real frustrating.

    75%- 1:35
    85%- 1:23
    90%- 1:18
    All out- 1:03

  10. HBBS @ 245
    Hit 3×1@255 two weeks ago. Missed at 265, 260, 255, 250, 245, 240, 235, and 230 before squeaking out 225. Yeah that’s too many reps I don’t fucking care I wasn’t going to end on a miss. A pathetic day in the gym.

    1:08 PR or something

  11. HBBS – 405# (20# PR) Went up easy. But, I put all of my mental game into lifting 400 and 405.

    400m Run – 65 seconds.

    Back in high school my 400m run was 52 seconds. Don’t think I’ll ever get back to that…

  12. Am I the only one who didn’t PR today on HBBS? failed at 295, PR on 12/1/12 was 315, fucking pissed. 400M ~1:15.

    • Forgot to add, tried to bounce out of the hole with it, then had to dump – it was all iron weight at a Rec Center, scared some people, at least that was awesome.

    • Same shit man and almost the same number made 295 comfortably and failed 2x at 315 – PR is 305. I’m not feeling nearly as strong during this deload but not worried as the programming always comes back around for me at some point.

  13. Hit 347 two weeks ago but could only hit 315 today after failing at 335 twice. Then I was really stubborn and just went for 350. Really just been a bad couple weeks for me. CNS? I dunno but I’m ready for a big turn around. All bueno. Storming bad, no running today.

  14. 375 (PR)
    **this is the first time I have ever legitimately performed a 1RM HBBS. I have always pussed out and switched to low bar because of the way it feels. I changed up my positioning today and wore a sweater. This helped greatly. This HBBS is 10 lbs heavier than my last 1RM low bar, and with much tighter form, I’m psyched about that.

    Did not have the time today to run at the gym, doctor’s appt. I might run later, probably not. I think I’ll be using a few hours of competitive VBall to sub for a bit of conditioning this week.

  15. Strength:
    1) 300(10lb hbbs pr)
    -Absolutely hideous, but i’ll take it. CNS can’t be too happy with me though, failed about 4 times before hitting this.

    -Done on treadmill because of snow, fastest it would go but was not maximal by any means.


  16. HBBS: 215# I guess this is a PR since this is the first time I did a proper HBBS.

    400m Runs: 2:06, 1:46, 1:40, and a new PR of 1:27! Yayy!

  17. I did my running before squatting to get it in before the rain came in.

    1:13 (I was happy, considering it had started raining, and it was through a twisty asphalt course)

    HBBS: 240 (15 lb PR! Yeah!)

    All in all, I was pretty happy with today.

  18. Been awhile since I posted.

    Needless to say, last weeks burpee extravaganza completely wasted me. Lets just say, I hate burpees.

    Strength: 450lbs, 10lb pr.

    Conditioning: 1:20, 1:15, 1:07, 1:00 with a turn around at 200 mark. Need to run at a track. Rainy and cold today.

  19. CORRECT – Work is work…unless you’re meeting standards. So I’ll just take 800 LBS off the rack and quarter squat it and that’ll be my new PR.

  20. F/5’/114#
    Worked on 3-position Snatch and Cleans for technique cause mine still sucks, but fuck it i’m better than i was last year.

    Did the 400m run work: 1:47, 1:36, 1:37, 1:31

    I’m one of those girls who used to be super tiny, fast for 24hrs. once a week, eat hardly anything, and train for hours at a low intensity on my bike, or running. I know, it’s weird. Anyhow, since Crossfitting for 4 years, and following Outlaw for a little under a year, and not being afraid of fat and animal protein in my diet, I have gained 10lbs. of muscle and my running has slowed down, but my strength is way up, and my OVERALL fitness (tested by CF workout that have a smattering of everything) has increased significantly. Heavy weights don’t knock the shit out of me anymore.

    I followed up the running work with this wod:
    15 Thrusters 135/95 (I cannot believe I am doing large sets of 95# thrusters!)
    200m. run
    20 Thrusters 95/65 (weight felt light as a feather here, did them unbroken)
    400m. run
    30 Thrusters 65/45 (flew through these)
    800m. run
    13:01 Rx

  21. Strength
    20 minutes to establish a 1RM HBBS: 275/305/325/350/375 Fx2/370F/365 Same as PR

    Conditioning: Subbed with Rowing

    500m Row @ 75% – rest 3 minutes.1:56 Damper 4
    500m Row @ 85% – rest 4 minutes.1:50 Damper 5
    500m Row @ 90% – rest 5 minutes.1:46 Damper 6
    500m Row – all out. 1:36 Damper 7

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