Here it is, boys and girls…

The page and registration link for the Atlanta GA Training Camp is live. CLICK HERE to register. Again, this will be our last camp until August 2013.

I decided, since I actually have time to write, to put together a series on the importance of WL for the “Sport of Fitness”. I’ll kick it off tomorrow night, and will hopefully be able to keep my thoughts under 30,000 words (not kidding).

I’ll preface the series with a video (yes, it’s horrible quality). Watch from the 1:25 mark:

Jay Rhodes has become quite the little blogger – read: Low Bar vs. High Bar Back Squats for the purposes of CrossFit.

WOD 130124:

Rest day.

7 responses to “130124

  1. Re: Rhodes’ article: I am not clear, does Rudy advocate breaking parallel and squatting all the way down for back squats?

    • Did you read the article? For the HBBS I recommend going as low as physically possible. For the LBBS depth is dependent upon the flexibility of the athlete, and the positioning throughout the movement. If tension breaks from the hamstrings and the athlete begins to slide forward, then the efficacy of the movement is stunted.

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