Tonight I had the honor of visiting Camp Pendleton, and getting to work with some of our nations finest Outlaw following Marines. I absolutely fucking love every moment of this.

The boys from Functional Equipment have added all the gear that will be available for purchase after the Outlaw Open to their site. Not trying to be a shill, but I went to their warehouse today, and their shit is legit—wait until you see the wheelbarrows/batmobiles they built us.

CLICK HERE: 2012 Outlaw Open Equipment

WOD 121129:

Rest day.

9 responses to “121129

  1. Thank you so much Rudy! You drove a lot of points home and fixed some fucked up Jerks in about two hours! I appreciate it so much. And again, from all of us at Wounded Warrior Bn. thank you.

  2. Excited about seeing the Open. I remember you saying it would be streamed live, but I don’t remember all the other details…can you or anyone else reading tell me how I can watch the event online? Thanks!

  3. Can’t believe I missed your stop at Camp Pendleton. Everytime I leave somewhere, awesome stuff happens there! I use that little outdoor facility to slay myself outlaw style anytime I can while at work there on Pendleton. Please come back soon! More Marines need to know the OUTLAW Way

  4. Rudy, a big thanks to you for taking time out of your busy schedule. I can’t think you enough for the five minutes it took for you to have me squat snatching 185 to muscle snatching 185. Thanks again.

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