31 responses to “121101

  1. Always the toughest day of the week! I’ve been seeing so much progress since I started, it’s tough to take the days off… but I know that they’re vital to success.

  2. Nice logo. …and 10 g’s…sweet! I am hoping every bit is covered by a camera, so I can see every minute, even if its days later. I would love watching the oly total the most!!

  3. Hey- I am trying to register for y’alls little competition, but can’t seem to find where you register.

    Also before I do register is there a scaled division? and what does “UB” mean?

    Thanks a ton!

  4. 1) OO looks awesome. As expected great programming, well rounded, excellent tests.
    2) i’m not trying to but in, but you might consider adding a forum page to the event page so that people who are traveling far (as competitors OR spectators) could, perhaps, discuss rooming up together. Cost savings! For example, I think we have 1 athlete going, rooming up could save some dough, assuming he doesn’t win 10 large đŸ˜‰
    3) whatever happened to the data from test week? you still interested in that statistical analysis?

    • I agree, I was just going to post on Rudy’s wall about trying to put together something for people trying to arrive around the same time, car pool, room, ect. Flights into Palm Springs for me are crazy high, but LAX is 1/3 of price. But of course would have to rent and drive over to PS.

  5. I have 3 tickets for the Providence Training camp, friends and I can’t make it, looking for face value, let me know/contact me! Someone has got to want them!

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