Jessica Rodriguez – 295# High-Bar Back Squat @ 118#:

Matt Hathcock – 260# Snatch from blocks:

WOD 121031:

*This is one continuous effort broken into 15 minute cycles which begin with a 1 mile run for time.

15 minutes to:

Run 1 mile – for time.

With the remainder of the 15 minutes:
Establish a 3RM Power Clean.

15 minutes to:

Run 1 mile – for time.

With the remainder of the 15 minutes:
3 attempts, for total reps, of UB Ring Dips.

Notes: Each attempt starts with full lockout over the rings, and finishes when the athlete drops off the rings. Score is the total of the 3 attempts.

15 minutes to:

Run 1 mile – for time.

With the remainder of the 15 minutes:
Establish a 1RM Bench Press.

133 responses to “121031

  1. I’m going to go ahead and use my protection from abuse from Outlaw god he granted me and ask:

    3 RM power clean does not have to be touch and go since you didn’t specify? Drop and reset quickly is fine?

      • Tiny, stupidly bad, does that make ur e-penis feel good now that you know you lift more than me?

        Do my oly numbers mean i understand more or less about programming and Olympic lifts? hmmmmm no, so go back to the internet find someone else to argue with because you don’t understand a basic principle on a subject your interested in.

    • Armand,

      There are a few of us who do it over in So Pines (only a few months though). We’ve competed at some of the same events.

      What do you have in mind?

  2. Rd1: 5:37…. 255×3
    Rd2: 5:41…. 32,21.20
    Rd3: 5:33…. 345

    Started this program Oct3rd. Underestimated cleans and bench. Could have put 20lbs on each. Conditioning feels great and weights feel light. Thanks Outlaw. Programming is awesome. Looking forward to the Season

  3. All I can say is “WOW!” to Jessica’s video above! Super inspiring to a 105# girl who can barely backsquat half of Jessica’s 1RM as her own 1RM. MOTIVATION!

  4. Is there a chance those box plans are gonna get posted anytime..The jerk boxes..I would love to build some but dont have a damn clue about dimensions or details! Any advice??

  5. 6:42, 265 3RM( not touch-and-go)
    6:43, 15-10-11=36
    6:45, 275

    “We will be perfect in every aspect of the game. You drop a pass, you run a mile. You miss a blocking assignment, you run a mile. You fumble the football, and i will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts and then you will run a mile.”

  6. fear me and my epic mile times ^_^
    mile 1=10:12
    3rm power clean=315#
    . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Trzf3HSb_UY&feature=g-high-u

    mile 2=10:16
    dips=34 (all strict.. 2×15, then i burnt out and could only get 4 my last set)

    mile 3=10:45
    1rm bench=315#, i nailed 315# so easy and I had spotters, so i decided to go for the home run and attempt 405#, had it about 6″ from lockout before i passed out. thank God for good spotters!

    my run times have taken a steady dive as my bodyweight and strength has increased, i’m totally fine with that.

  7. 1st mile: 7:16
    3rm power clean: 185

    2nd mile: 7:07
    ring dips: 39 total

    3rd mile: 6:54
    bench: worked up to 185, then wen’t straight for a 5lb pr at 215, needless to say it didn’t happen.


    • today reminded me of why i don’t like running and why i try to avoid it. my wife really didn’t want to run, so i had her row 2k in place of the runs. maybe that’ll teach her to skip running.

  8. couldn’t do running b/c I jacked my foot up – from my intense Google searching it appears to be Plantar fasciatus, whatevs.. I rowed total of 5K split into thirds instead.

    Pwr Cln: 115kg

    Dips: 24, 21, 12 (failure on this last round, didn’t plan my rests accordingly)

    Bench: 245#

  9. 6:15 mi.
    215 power cleans (ran out of time)
    6:37 mi.
    41 total ring dips
    6:40 mi.
    245 bench press
    Had fun with this one!

  10. **it was raining so rowed 1m

    row 1m-6:40
    3rm PC
    180# touch and go

    row 1m-6:55
    ring dips

    row 1m-7:00
    push press 1RM (bench 1RM test last saturday 200#)

  11. I posted the video of Jessica on my gyms Facebook page and all of the girls don’t believe that she weighs 118# because she squated that much and she looks “bigger” than that. (we do modified version of Outlaw, due to time).

    • She’s 4’11”, a former gymnast, and in the next 6 months may become the best 53kg lifter in America. She has been a full CrossFitter until the last 2 months. Spencer and I had to talk her into being a moderately full-time lifter because she didn’t want to “get bigger” before her wedding. She’s actually down about 7 pounds BW, consistently, to make sure she can make weight when she needs to. Tell your girls that.

    • Those girls should STFU. This talented athlete is sadly already conscious of her BW before her wedding. Boo hisss to stupid, petty comments and jealous speculation. Jessica, you look GREAT and you rock! Best wishes…

    • That is so ignorant. Rudy, I don’t even know why you dignified that with a response. Maybe “all of the girls” Scott refers to need to put their hater notions to the side and squat more.

      • EA, I agree with you, Sam and Zach. I think much is due to jealousy due to their lack of work that they are willing to put in. I personally think Jessica is one of the best athletes that I see on the outlaw site. I can’t wait to see her numbers at the Outlaw Open.

  12. 1.2 mile run at my gym (first half uphill) – average about 9:20/mile

    235# pc
    75 total rd (30, 25, 20)
    245# bp

  13. Should not have paced my runs so much… Oh well.

    6:48 – 245 3RM TNG (got 255 twice, but the third was a squat clean)

    6:36 – 60 ring dips (23/21/16)

    6:21 310 bench

  14. Mile1 5:48 275 for 3 and 295 for 2 missed third
    Mile2 5:53 38,17,15=70
    Mile 3 fell of a little 6:42 235 bench weak sauce I don’t do this enough…
    Got body comp done today 7 point caliper test 2 months ago 205at 10% bf today 195 at 7% pumped for this season I’m leaner and stronger than I have ever been thanks for the programming outlaw is the shit!

  15. 1st mile = 5:47
    3RM PC – 120kg (264lbs)

    2nd mile =5:50
    Dips – 40 (15, 15,10) – done strict

    3rd mile = 6:13
    Did strict press instead, because i still don’t trust my shoulder to be ready for max attempts bench – got 75 kg (i suck at pressing)

  16. Row 1600m 7:40
    145 lbs 3 rep max touch and go
    Ran (pathetic) 1 mile 9:26 (legs are tight from sprint work)
    10-6-5 on dips
    Row 1600m 7:24
    Not a PR 110 lbs on bench

    Feeling Strong! Pulled a10 lb PR on dead lift to cheer me up!

  17. mile #1, 7:57
    totally fucked this up, should of doubel checked the wod first. I did 3RM C&J… got 255
    mile #2, 8:00
    ring dips, 23,16,13
    mile #3, 8:20
    bench, 255

  18. 1) 7:02 – 3RM P. Clean = 250# (not touch and go)

    2) 7:22 – Ring Dips: 25, 20, 12 = 57

    3) 7:12 – 1RM Bench = 260#

  19. How many of these “miles” were measured with the ole’ eyeball measurement. “Run down to about the 4th pole and back, that’s about a mile”

  20. 1) 7:25min. 3 RM PC=145#, 2RM-150# (5#PR clean, missed last rep)
    2)7:35min. Ring Dips – 24 (still find it hard to do)
    3)8:01min. 1RM bench press-165# (15# PR since September), tried 175#, but could not push out….

    All in all…nice workout, though I HATE running, but it seems to help me to hit PRs :))))

  21. Just moved locations, no mile set up yet, plus ice made running more dangerous. Did 7 mins of shuttle runs to replace each mile.

    3RM Power Clean – 265# (20# PR)
    Dips – 30, 22, 21
    Bench – 265# way off PR, chest and arms done after dips.

  22. Mile 1- 8:29
    3RM PC-205
    Mile 2- 8:16
    Dips 18-11-10= 39

    Mile 3- 9:28 (Might as well have done a 5RM of dick punches instead of this run)
    Straight press sub- 135 (arms no work after dips)

  23. 1) 7:14, 235# (drop & re-grip)
    2) 7:44, 34 (strict, turn-out @ top)
    3) 8:55, 240# (competition standard, pause @ bottom)

    Nothing close to any PR’s, I’m a long way from my track days. This sucked exactly as bad as I anticipated and the lifts actually went a little better than I predicted. Accidentally punched a truck’s rear-view mirror on the second mile. Score.

  24. #1 7:02 and 270# …. def should have aimed higher on PC, 270# was not as bad as i thought, ran outta time

    #2 7:20 w 16/12/9 …. i hate ring dips

    #3 7:37 and 265# ….. not a bench PR, but happy to hit that after everything else

    last time i ran 3 miles was, oh … i don’t know … never. im happy with the 7:02. plus i ran in my chuck taylors, so i felt like a bad ass.

  25. Mile 1: 7:34
    Power clean tng: 205 x3
    Mile 2: 7:36
    Ring dips 20, 12,10
    Mile 3: 8:25
    Bench 305

    Just started outlaw, looking forward to smashing some PR’s!

  26. Mile 1 7:40 220lb 3RM clean
    Mile 2 7:38 15reps 16reps 17reps 48 Total reps
    Mile 3 7:40 275lb (Nancy Boy Bench)

  27. Mile 1- 7:40
    3 rep PC- 225

    Mile 2- 7:50
    17,11,11 39 total dips

    Mile 3- 8:10
    185# Bench Presseasy so I went to 225 failed droped back to 205 failed again. Previous 1RM 245 This needs work bad

  28. completed todays work in a Titin vest

    Runs were up and down stairs so i don’t have exact mile times

    mile 1- a little under 6:00
    3rm- 225 tng failed 245×2
    mile 2- just over 6:00
    dips- 25-15-15
    mile 3- just over 6:00
    bench- no bench because all benches were taken. I’m going to hit some heavy bench tomorrow afternoon anyways.

  29. Did what the fuk I wanted to do…
    Benched this past Sunday 1RM 286 (130kg) (11# PR)

    PClean 210 3RM; 220 1RM (15# PR)

    OH Press 165 1RM (10# PR);

    ME Ring dips (strict): 17, 15, 15, 14

    Cond: 10-to-1 dhpe, ball slam 40lb = 9:42

    Jogged a mile

    MFS 234

  30. 1) 7:00 mile – 185# 3rm power clean
    2) 7:08 mile – 17/14/12 = 43 reps ring dips
    3) 7:15 mile – 165# 1rm bench press (pr is 175#)

  31. Did class today so 800m runs with 12 min cap
    -3rm power clean tng: 155 (10# pr from 3rm 9/26/12)
    -19 total dips
    -sub 1rm push press: 150lbs

  32. Mile 1: 8:55
    3RM Clean- 275#

    Mile 2 8:45
    18, 11, 7 = 36

    Mile 3: 8:18
    Bench- #315

    Like Big Zach I have also noticed a serious drop in running speed as I have gotten bigger and stronger. I also give about ~0 Fucks about the loss in speed. I’m not sure how many more long runs I’ll have till I pussy out for winter in Michigan.

    I was sandbagging the shit out of the runs as I felt my massive meat-thighs slapping together in the rain.

  33. Female/5-6/125#

    1). 7:40 mile 125#x3 power cleans
    2). 7:57 mile 6,6,5 ME ring dips
    3). 8:40 mile 105#x1 bench

  34. Mile 1: 8:04
    Power Clean: 250 x 3

    Mile 2: 8:32
    Ring Dips: 40, 25, 11 Last set I fell off the rings I had more in me than 11…reallly pissed!

    Mile 3: 8:40
    Bench Press: 245 lbs

  35. 7:09
    255 PC TNG x 3

    20,15,12 (Disappointed with that)

    245 (50 pounds under PR, dips killed me for some reason)

  36. 1) Mile – 7:28
    3RM PC – 145#

    2) 7:54
    Dips: 18 total

    3) 8:47
    1RM Bench – 160# (PR is 170# with competition standard)

  37. 6:40 mile
    #315 power clean x3
    7:00 mile
    80 ring dips over all 3 sets
    7:40 mile (quads locked up last 600m)
    #275 bench

  38. Didn’t keep track of the run times but sloooow
    3rm power clean 145 tng
    Ring dips 12 9 9
    1rm bench 145. My friends garage only has a ball he benches off and it was way too big and awkward for me to lay on to get a good bench

    I hate running
    1st post on the site but I’ve been following it for a two months in my friends garage
    since I finally wised up and left my local affiliate

  39. 41/6’2″/205

    115kg (253#) – Ran out of time
    135# bench: shoulder impingement, kept it light. 1RM is 305# when everything is working properly.

  40. mile 1: 5:45
    3RM Power Clean: 225#
    mile 2: 5:36
    Dips: 21, 16, 9 = 46
    MIle 3: 5:57
    Bench: 255#, missed 275# before getting 255#

  41. 7:22- 245lbs (5lbs less than my old squat clean pr, I would love to do a squat clean test!)
    7:19- 47 15/16/16 I might have broke on the first set a little too early)
    7:35- 235lbs

  42. 6:50
    130kg Pwr Clean not TnG but all under :30

    30, 15, 15

    7:20 wicked hard to run at first with that pump from dips.
    130kg close grip (even with smooth part of bar)
    wide or normal grip tweaks my anterior delts

  43. 6:14
    275# (couldn’t tng b/c of wrist, but was quick. missed 285# @3)

    30, 15, 15

    stopped at 255#… no spotter

  44. 6.32
    3rm power clean 100kg, squatted the 3rd rep at 110kg

    57 (28,16,13)

    100kg, failed 110kg. had my wife spot me…mistake. got the 110kg stuck on my chest because she freaked out, it felt like forever while she tried to take off the collars and weights. i’ll put that one down to experience. haha

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