In order to fulfill the twofold Outlaw mission statement of: 1) winning everything, and 2) not allowing anyone in our care to suck at putting heavy barbells overhead; we had an idea (and by “we” I mean Spencer). We decided to have a full on Olympic Lifting Training Camp in a place that is so well outfitted for lifting that every attendee will be able to pull off blocks so many times that they will never again have to wonder why their “magic knees” keep getting in the way when they pull from the floor.

The place: Outlaw Texas

The dates: January 25th-27th

The goal: Eliminate all suck from your lifts.

The info: CLICK HERE

This is the only “specialty” camp we’ll be doing, and it may be the only one all year. I know; you guys really really wanted us to do a running camp but it would only take 15 minutes (synopsis: run…now run faster—you guys want to go lift?). If you have any questions about the camp please email Spencer@TheOutlawWay.com.

Duke Burk – 290# Snatch and 335# Clean & Jerk from Saturday:

WOD 121023:

BB Gymnastics

1) Clean and Jerk: 2X2 @ 70%, 2X2 @ 80%, 3X1 @ 90%, 1X1 @ 95%, 4X1 @ 85% – rest 60-90 seconds for the sets through 95%, rest 30 seconds between reps for the final set.
2a) 3X5 Pendlay Row – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2b) 3X5 Jumping Good Mornings – heavier than last week but PERFECT rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


High Bar Back Squat:

High Bar Back Squat: 1X5 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85%, 3X1 @ 90%, 1X1 @ 95% – rest as needed.


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400M
21 C2B Pullups
12 Deadlifts 275/185#

68 responses to “121023

  1. Bad ass but expensive. Finally home but the last weekend of duck season. I would probably spend that money duck hunting if I don’t attend the camp, but other factors such as food, fuel and lodging come into play. If I went, you would come too so I should skip this. An in-depth Oly session like this would be axing for me because I know I have the ability to SN over 200 and fix my jerk which has a crap split.

  2. I’m still here…. I’ve been following from Denmark since Regionals 2012, where our team finished 4th 😦

    I do the WODs a few days after they are posted and don’t always post my results here. I have had SO much progress already and am thankful and happy that I’ve found the Outlaw Way!

    Last week it was raining with PRs (10) and even more PBs, and I just wanted to say thanks to all at the Outlaw Way for facilitating this program!

    1) 4RM front squat @ 90 kg/198 lbs (5 kg PR)
    2) 3RM snatch from knees @ 60 kg/132 lbs (5 kg PR)
    3) 5RM push press from the neck @ 65 kg/143 lbs and 4RM @ 70 kg/154 lbs (8 kg PR)
    5) 1RM C&J @ 81 kg/178 lbs (YAY) (PR by just 1 kg)
    6) 2RM snatch @ 63 kg/139 lbs AND @ 65 kg/143 lbs (5 kg PR)
    8) 1RM split jerk @ 83 kg/182 lbs (3 kg PR)
    9) 2RM power snatch @ 60 kg/132 lbs which is also my new 1RM PR (5 kg PR)
    10) 1RM snatch @ 70 kg/154 lbs (just a PB but havent gotten it for a while)

    Looking forward to the camp in Denmark in November!

  3. BBG
    1) 70,70 – 80,80 – 90,90,90 – 95 – 85,85,85,85kg
    2a) 70kg
    2b) 55kg

    112, 120, 126, 133kg

    17.55 – really struggled with the DL’s today, after the first round I was down to singles. C2B not flash either. 15 unbroken round 1 then went to shit. while I’m at it the running wasn’t too crash hot either. mmm not the best day at the office all things considered 🙂

  4. 1) Based on 105 kg 1 RM
    Stayed light for 2a and b
    2a) 60kg
    2b) body weight

    160 1 RM
    Stayed light went off 120 kg

    Done 3 rounds
    Rest 1:1
    1. 3:24
    2. 3.38
    3. 4.10
    Forearms are gassed.
    You are a sadist but lovin it

  5. BB Gymnastics:
    1) based on 235# (no misses)
    2a) 205#
    2b) 155#

    Based on 300#

    15:49 Rx

  6. Clean and jerks based off 137.5kg
    Hit all reps nicely including 95%. Totally forgot about the 4*1 @ 85%.
    Rows @ 100kg
    Jumping good mornings @ 70kg
    High bar squats based off 190kg LBBS
    5 @ 152.5kg
    2 * 3 @ 161kg
    2 * 1 @ 171kg
    Miss at 180kg – comedy video to follow!
    Custom conditioning
    2 rounds
    60m heavy dog sled
    10 deadlifts @ 120kg
    15 chest to bar pull ups
    8 something

  7. BBG: Based off 255# – 1 Miss at 90%. Cleans were good, jerks felt really off balance.

    2a) 205,225,225
    2b) 135,135,135

    Strength/Skill: Based off 365 – No misses.

    WOD: 16:15. Grip was fried.

  8. much better day today…

    1) off 120kg

    2a) 120, 125, 130
    2b) 70, 85, 92 (probably had a 100 in me, but low back was tight)

    Strength: done and PR’ed by 1kg. I had more in me, but I really just wanted to ring the new PR bell… 🙂

    Conditioning: 10:29 (did I mention I suck and running; #bigguyproblems)

  9. HBBS did first, no way I would make it otherwise.

    1) 155-175-200-210-185
    2a) 160
    2b) 115

    Cond ~16-17:00 Rx, timer malfunction.

    Today was one of the most mentally challenging days I’ve ever had. In a good way.

  10. Sort of combined Saturday’s workout with today’s since I couldn’t get into the gym Saturday. New PR of 300lbs @ 177lb body weight.

    BBG 1:) Did all based off of 295 up to the 95% set and went for a new PR at 300 and got it. F-YA! Video below.
    2a) 245
    2b) 135

    Strength) Based off of 405

    Conditioning:) Later tonight

  11. BBGym:
    1) Based off 210#
    2a) 160
    2b) 135

    Based off 275#

    Conditioning: Subbed HR push ups for pull ups(no bar)


  12. Bbg off 305 no misses
    Bs off 385 did not do 95% just felt weak/sluggish ate 45 min before training felt just not pumped so I guess hungry dog hunts best… No more eating before training.
    ConditiTiOning: wow c2b was rough today blowing up your Lats In the pullups made it hard to hold good back position in Deads

  13. BBG:
    1) up to 110Kg, no misses
    2a) 60Kg
    2b) 80Kg

    145Kg (3 x 1 @ 90%), miss at 152,5Kg

    Don’t want to talk about it


  14. 1) 75/80/85f/90f/95f/85f

    Oly Lifting was a drop-a-thon. That said I am being coached from a very strong upright row into a reverse curl into a push press…so shit is going to go wrong.

    Latest thing is to not be able to let go of my hookgrip and get my elbows through.

    Brandon Swan has his work cut out for him at the Ipswich Camp.

    2a) 70kg (a bit too light)
    2b) 55kg


    112, 120, 126, 133kgs. Lighter to concentrate on making this more of an arse to ankles squat.


    17:04. Felt pretty good. C2Bs are quite there consistently. Saved by my deadlifts. Running which is a bogeyman was ok too.

    Overall it was the most fucked and awesome session in a while.

  15. BBG
    1) Power Clean + Split Jerk 135-155-170-180-160
    2a) 100-110-120
    2b) 75-90-100

    No HBBS – knee thing


    Butterfly C2B are improving.

  16. bbg
    1) % off 315#
    2a) 275# (went with 285 last week i think, anyways, i couldn’t go any heavier and keep technique)
    2b) 215#

    325, 345, 365, 385, did an extra rep at 405 just for fun

    16:37 rx

  17. BBG:
    % off 245#
    1 miss, but did an extra at that same weight to hit all the reps.

    a) 198
    b) 135

    Doing the rest in about an hour. Ran out of time earlier…jerks are getting way better.

  18. 1) based off 235: failed 1st 95%, then got it right after.
    2a) 190 pretty much maxed out here,
    2b) 120

    HBBS: based off 330: solid

    4×10 dead hang pull ups

    MFS 233

  19. BBG:
    Based on 205#
    145/165/185/195/175# – No Fails

    2a) 155#
    2b) 105#

    HBBS based on 285#
    230/240/255/270# – No Fails

    No Conditioning on Tuesdays.

  20. BB Gymnastics:
    1) based on 275# missed the second clean at 95%
    2a) 195#
    2b) 145#

    Based on 355# – felt good.

    ran out of time

  21. clean and jerk: 175- 190- 220- 235fail…235 make

    row: 175
    good M: 135

    back squat: 245-260-275-290

    conditioning: 11:22 rx (pull ups unbroken first set…then awful after that…)

  22. BBG
    1) 95/105/115/125/110
    2a) 105
    2b) 70



    12 min cap

    1 full round
    2nd round did the 400m, 21 C2B and 2 deadlifts

    RX weight

  23. Are you all basing your HBBS percentages off of 1 RM LBBS? I have been, and did today, and got my ass handed to me @ 95%. Just wondering…

    Based off of 294 LBBS:
    264 (HBBS PR)
    279 (fail)

  24. BBG:
    1.) 205, 235, 255, 270, 245
    2a.) 210, 210, 210
    2b.) 135, 135, 135

    Based off of 380
    305, 325, 340, 360

    360 went up easy! Looking forward to seeing what the new 1rm will become!

    12:08 Rx

    Did the wod today during a monsoon. Every time I came back inside it became harder and harder to hold the bar due to being absolutely soaked. Hands kept slipping off the bar. Oh well great challenge for training. Doomsday senario! Managed 2 sets of of the C2B Pull ups unbroken despite the slippery hands. Third set had to break completely unable to hold the bar…pull up bar was dripping with rain.

  25. 29/m/5’11″/175
    1) 175-200-225-240-215
    2a) 155 (stayed at last week to keep good form)
    2b) 95 (lowered to perfect form)


    18:00 (sucked this one up, should have been in my wheelhouse, but too much loss of grip and sore back/hammies)

  26. BBG
    1) off 165- 115, 130, 150, 155, 140
    2a) 100
    2b) 95

    off of 225- 180, 190, 205, 215

    2+18 rx in 20 min time cap

  27. BBG: 1) off 145#. 100/115/130 (failed 2nd jerk and 3rd clean)/ 125 (F). Totally could not concentrated, was over-pulling and then getting scared of the bar crashing on my chest, so kept missing cleans.
    2. a)3×135#. made video to make sure that I keep back straight, and after first set decided not to go up the weight, because saw that I was rounding my back even though the weight did not seem hard at all.
    b) 100/115/120#

    3. off 200#. felt hard.

    Conditioning: did not do as had to run to my CF class.

  28. 41/6’2″/203

    Rough day, didn’t feel like lifting heavy and knew it was going to be a rough one but got ‘er done.

    1) Based on 300# max
    70% 95kg
    80% 109kg
    90% 122kg – bad form on 3rd jerk, almost failed
    95% 130kg (286#) – tough
    85% 115kg

    2a) 120kg
    2b) 65/70/70kg

    80% 145kg
    85% 155kg
    90% 163kg
    95% 172kg (380#) – tough

    Metcon) Ran x3 400’s after kids went to bed because lack of time.

  29. BBG
    C&J – completed based off of 308 – no misses
    2a) All at 215
    2b) All at 135

    Strenf – based off of 385
    miss at 95%

    Conditioning – 11:43 running and c2b PUs blow

  30. BBG:

    1) Based off of 260#, No misses, hit a 270# clean PR after the set at 95%. Missed jerk
    2a) 195#
    2b) 135#

    Strength: Based off 335

    Conditioning: 14:51

  31. BBG:
    1. Based off of 235; No misses.
    2. 205#
    3. 135#

    Strength: Pass due to soreness
    Conditioning: Substituted body weight conditioning.

  32. BBG:
    1) Based off of 250lbs. No misses.
    2a) 3X5 Pendlay Row – 165, 185, 185
    2b) 3X5 Jumping Good Mornings – 115, 115, 115

    High Bar Back Squat: Based off of 305. No misses.

    *With a 20lb vest and an accidental extra 400m run at the end. WTF

  33. BBG:

    1.) 195-220-250-265-235

    2a.) 185
    2b.) 140

    Strength: Based off 450#





  34. BBG

    1. Based off of 315. Felt good today.
    2a/2b. Skipped


    5 x 325
    2 x 3 x 335
    1 x 345
    1 x 355
    1 x 365
    1 x 375(m) – would have been a PR


    Ran out of time.

  35. BBG

    1) Based off 250

    175, 205, 225, 235, 215




    12:50 (subbed 10 strict C2B, can’t kip with PU bar mounted against a wall)

  36. 1) Based off 240#

    170, 190, 215, 230, 205




    Subbed 7 reps of Atlas Stone Platform Lifts @ 170#. First time really playing with stones…rejoined a gym, yesterday (after being kicked out of the box I was part of…because of issues they had with me for following Outlaw programming, during “Open Gym”), saw that they had 90# 170# 270# stones…had to try them out, today…after learning how to lift them. Still gotta get that technique down, though! 🙂 #Love_The_Stones!

  37. That was a really tough one. Good thing Wednesdays are typically lighter days. Posterior chain is cooked.

    Just hope you don’t pull any tricks and program Fran or something. Or DT- that would be a nightmare.

  38. 231012
    1) 85, 95, 110, 115,100

    2a) 90, 90, 95,
    2b) 75, 75, 75

    110, 120, 125-130-135, 145kg faaaaaaaaarrrrkkkk yeahhhhh. Traps are feelin good, knee doesn’t hurt, I think I’m finally hbbs properly


  39. BB Gymnastics:
    1) based on 275# Hit everything. Knees feel turrible, just turrible.
    2a) 205
    2b) 205

    Knees were like ‘no way brah’

    Took the run out, 9:19.

  40. BBG
    Done cleans only based of 130kg then done jerks on their own done a weight that was heavy but manageable for doubles on the jerks to work on the movement as thats my lagging part in the clean and jerk

    BBG part 2

    Based of 170kg

    10.44 rxd

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