Recently confirmed competitors for The Outlaw Open:

Kristan Clever
Daniel Tyminski
Lindsey Valenzuela

Sarabeth Phillips – 210# Clean & Jerk @ 124#:

Caleb Williams – 120kg Snatch Off Blocks @ 155#:

WOD 121018:

Rest Day.

10 responses to “121018

  1. Worked up to a max front squat today and managed to PR at 335. Last day before my meet this Saturday and I’m at least feeling confident in my legs. Ill be trying to bring home some hardware for the USAW Outlaw Team.

  2. Took a rest day yesterday and decided to make up the programming from yesterday. HIt a 200 lb snatch from the high blocks and 275 lbs clean from the high blocks. Everything felt great and I have been struggling to get past 285 on the clean. I decided to see what I could manage. I set a 15 lb PR tonight on the clean from the floor at 300 lbs! This is a life time PR and at a bodyweight of 156 lbs is almost a double bodyweight clean! Thank you Outlaw and Coach Rudy for all the help and awesome programming! In the past 2 weeks I have set a snatch and clean PR and these have not happened very often for me. Had a 10 lb PR on the snatch at the Outlaw training camp in chicago. Hit 230 lbs!

    Sorry Rudy that the camera isn’t the way you like it. We are amatuer film makers!

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