Evidently no one did anything cool on the rest day, and I was traveling so you get no long winded discourse on the merits of the non-heaving Snatch Drop vs. the heaving Snatch Balance.

You do however get this Pulitzer level pic of the Chicago skyline:

WOD 121005:

BB Gymnastics

1) Every 30 seconds for 4 minutes (8 total reps):

1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch (full squat) @ 75% of 120914.

*rest 2 minutes

2) Every 45 seconds for 6 minutes (8 total reps):

1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean (full squat) + 1 Push Press @ 75% of 120914.


Run 1 mile
30 Muscle-Ups

For time.


5 minute AMRAP of:

BB TGU 65/45#

Notes: Worry far more about control than speed.

90 responses to “121005

  1. That’s the Trump International… Right? You guys staying there? I’m there in town for the ND/Miami game.

  2. and you picked the picture of the one building most true Chicagoans dont like. 😉 Trump tower…ill give you more crap tonight at the camp.

  3. BBG:
    1. 145#
    2. 190#

    New box so I haven’t measured out a mile yet so I just ran and came back at 9:30 (usually my mile is around 7:00)
    Time = 14:25

    Finished with Strength from Wednesday

  4. BBG
    1) 125# (1 missed hang snatch)
    2) 185#

    6:25 mile
    18:12 MU’s (got the first 10 in about 3 minutes, then the wheels came off)
    24:37 total

    2 reps

    2/3/3 (took an extra rest day on Wed)

  5. BBG
    1) 155
    2) 210
    Reps were all fast and clean

    DNF -30min 15 reps.
    1mi, 6:43

    Something was wrong with me this AM. MUs are a big weakness of mine in high volume. Improving by working them whenever I can.

  6. first off, I really wish this blog had a button for some of these posts, anyhow.

    1) done at 62.5
    2) done at 86

    Conditioning: No time. 7:50something run (slow today); two of us were running and we only have 1 set of rings so we sort of alternated hitting the rings. My other rate limiting step: yesterday I easily spent 45-60 minutes upside down at gymnastics training and followed that up with a 5 x me muscle-up and 3 x 1k row wod.

    No time for midline.

  7. BBG

    1) 130#
    2) 165#
    This felt good and easy.

    Conditioning – 17:46
    1mil = 7:25

    I was able to string the first 12 in about 2 minutes, but after that it was onesie/twosies the rest of the time. A tear around rep 22 didn’t help my cause.

    No time for BBTGU

  8. Lunchtime
    Max effort bleep test with 15m intervals

    After work
    Snatches @ 67.5kg
    Cleans @ 90kg

    Mile 7:48
    30 muscle ups 6:47 PB
    Total time 15:12

    8 reps

    MFS – 253

  9. 1) 120#
    2) 165#

    Cond 15:37

    Midline 2 reps R, 2 failed reps L. Arms were smoked.

    Working on more aggressive snatch turnover, seems to be helping. 6:56 mile, was through 10 MUs at 9:00, arms died and had to single it out from there.

  10. BBGym:
    1) 105#
    2) 145#

    6:42 Mile
    -Going into this I didn’t think I would be able to get 30 MU in a reasonable amount of time. This was huge for me, did my first muscle up about 1 month ago.

    Midline: 7reps 3L/4R


  11. nice wod. this is my first time going outlaw. bbg done at 95lbs snatchs
    135lbs cleans
    mile was done in 7:15 but this was my first time trying ring muscle ups only got 15
    total time was 22:55
    Midline: 12 reps with 45lb bar.

  12. BBG:
    1) 85#. Surprisingly, hang snatch felt much better than power snatch.
    2)105#. Felt like real cardio, having very short time to take breath.

    mile run: 7:41min. did not time MU, because still can’t make them without band and when I started making them, the form felt terrible and I felt extremely devastated, so my goal was just to make 30reps no matter what.

    2 right hand, 3 fails left hand. had done KB turkish get-ups once, so doing with barbell was all new experience, just keeping 45# BB stable felt like hard task enough. Hardest part – going back to the ground to be able to count as completed rep.


  13. Anyone interested in buying my spot at the Palm Desert, CA training camp, Oct 19-21st (Fri-Sun)? Not going to be able to make it and would hate to see it go to waste. Email me: john at crossfitgenesis dot com

  14. My 2nd Outlaw WOD

    MFS before: 2/5/3
    BBG 1) 75, 2) 90
    no power — still fatigued from Weds
    Cond. 22:47 (7:20 mi; MU fr floor ’til fail, then subs 3strict pu+ 3dip)
    BB TGU 2 each arm @45
    MFS after: 4/7/6

  15. BBG:

    Snatch Complex: 195lb
    Clean Complex: 225lb

    1RM Bear Complex: 225,275,315

    Conditioning: Had my baby so could go run a mile and leave her in gym.

    Even – 3 Muscle Up
    Odd – 2 Deficit HSPU on P-Lettes

  16. BBG:
    Snatch- 95# based off 125#
    Cleans and PP- 115# based off 150#

    Cond: 15:42MU
    Run will be later on- its pouring out…

    • I should add that the last time I did 30 MU it took me 37mins… I cannot believe the drop in time!! Thanks Rudy:)

  17. Bbg:
    12:18 *did bar MUs since I’ve never done them. I was visiting a gym away from my own.
    20 total @ 65# ( 10 each side)

  18. Took a week off leading up to the last 2 days due to opening of our gym this week. Thought I’d really struggle coming back but actually I felt great!

    1) 155
    2) 200

    1mi, 5:23
    Total time: 16:44

  19. BBG
    1) 108lbs
    2) 118lbs
    19:29 (had to do 30 pull-ups and 30 muscle ups with a box. Need to work on these ALOT!!
    13 Reps did better than I thought for the first time.

  20. I want to thank outlaw way for this programming. I started outlaw way a month ago, so far i have pr’d on my snatch (205 to 225 now) hand stand push up (5 strict to 12 strict plus 7 kipping) and today i pr’d on my mile at 6:22 & 30 mu @ 13:05

  21. BBG
    1) 145
    2) 210
    Strength since no gym tomorrow
    -Last Saturday’s front squats 5 lbs. heavier than last weeks.
    6:05 Mile
    9:49 MU’s
    15:54 total
    3x 1 min on 1 min off ME GHD situps. 26, 20, 20. Pretty nice turf burn on my knees.

  22. Did Barbell gymnastics after coaching 5am group.

    Snatch complex done at 85#… felt really good. More weight next time?

    Clean complex done at 105#, 10# heavier than last time. Felt good!

    Did not do conditioning. I am competing in a triathlon tomorrow!

  23. BBG

    1 Mile Run: 7:28
    Strained my pec a few weeks ago and still feels tender on Muscle Ups so worked on Strict Ring Pull-ups and Dips trying to get ROM and strength back

    8 Reps

  24. BBG
    1) 110#
    2) 125#
    Never really maxed my snatch…it’s a bit of a confidence thing for me, but I hang squat snatched 135# a few days ago for the BBG, went off a 145# max. Don’t have a push press max but my jerk is 175# so I used 165#.

    mile run @ 7:36
    finished workout at 26:06
    took my time…don’t really have muscle ups, hitched a small band up underneath myself and did some mixing the grips, but essentially strict.

    3 per arm @45#

  25. Snatch done @ 98#
    Clean & press done @ 143#

    Total time- 17:05
    Mile-7 min
    Muscle ups – 10:05

    I did mostly singles with a few doubles thrown in there. Lately (last cpl weeks) my dips have been holdin me back. I blame all the muscle weight gain 😉 workin on droppin a lil before the open to help with my gymnastics.

    Skipped midline due to time

  26. BBG
    1. Started with 165, but was off and not warmed up enough so dropped it to 155 on final 4 sets
    2. 200
    7min mile mostly 3s and 2s on MU
    12, 6 each side.

  27. Snatch: 115#
    Clean: 155#
    (could do more for both of these – finally getting the hip ext)
    MetCon: 9:07 (40 C2B, rather than MU’s)
    TGU: 21 (35# DB)

  28. Only had 20 minutes first thing in the morning before going away..

    1) 65kg
    2) 80kg

    Completed both with no fails. I was banging up my pubic bone again which sucked

    No time for anything else.

  29. bbg
    1/ 60kg
    2/ 80kg

    1.6km row (raining too heavy to run)
    30 muscle ups

    5.22 row
    14.07 twt

    struggled a bit with mu after the row

    12 (6/arm)

  30. BBG-
    1) 125lbs (the hang were tough on these for some reason) (Still fighting shoulders on flexibility behind head)
    2) 185lbs (Power clean was easy. Front rack issues made the hand cleans a little tough. The push presses were easy)

    Cond: Skipped mile. Can not do 30 real muscle ups. Did one real one to make sure I have one. Proceeded onto 1 20lb weighted negative MU on ring, 1 banded(red) MU from seated position with 20lb vest first 10/ 1 banded (green) bar MU as 1 rep. Did 25 of these triplets

    8 each arm (45lbs only had bar at home no weights though)

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