23 responses to “121004

  1. So I owe this all to outlaw and the confidence in getting under the bar that I have learned from Rudy’s programing. Thank! It’s kinda a long video, next time i’m going sub Froning “4:45”

  2. The only thing I love more than The Outlaw Way are Thursdays and Sundays under The Outlaw Way…I wouldn’t have it any other way

  3. I’m headed to Chicago tomorrow for the camp at River North. If anyone is in need of a roommate to cut costs, or has a bed/couch/floor/face to spare, I could use a place to crash. Poor planning on my part…

  4. The sad irony of you posting this video is that a guy i knew from my high school got jumped by 6 guys and killed at 2am and he went down swinging too.

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