A few years ago I didn’t think we’d ever see a woman be able to Clean & Jerk 200#, now that we’ve seen it multiple times it doesn’t seem that crazy. What would be crazy would be to see a woman with a BW sub-120# hit 200#. Guess that’s gonna happen pretty soon…

Ummm… When I met Alex Tubbs he was the HQ Media Director for the North Central Regional. He seemed mild mannered and unassuming. I knew he was a follower, but had no idea he had these kind of freak skills…

You guys remember how some of you saw that Christen Wagner took the only women’s qualifying spot in Asia, and you cracked some joke under your breath about how you were gonna move to Bangkok next year ’cause you could qualify with no problem in that region?

You sure about that? I dare you to try.

WOD 120605:


Back Squat: 1X8 @ 75%, 1X5 @ 80%, 1X5 @ 85%, 1X3 @ 90%, 1X3 @ 95% – rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.

Notes: Percentage is based off of 120515



Compare to 120207

21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts 225/155#

For time.

Notes: Use Regionals standards for HSPU. If you just performed this at Regionals, do it again.

184 responses to “120605

  1. hey guys couldnt get my wod in today, but i want to get all the testing done this week. do you think its best to fall a day behind, or do part of it tomorrow before tomorrows work then the last part of today before wednesdays work? thanks in advance!

  2. I am going to take the hit for this one, you’re welcome everyone that was wondering the same thing:

    I’m guessing we are supposed to do 2011 Regional Standard HSPU (bumpers and abmat) since that’s what we did for the comparison Diane back in February and not 2012 Regionals?

    • It says in the notes, regional standards. No bumpers no abmat, hands inside the measured area, I don’t remember the measurement. But hands and head to the floor, which I can’t do, haha. This year the regional standard changed, they took out the bumpers and abmat and just made a rectangle you have keep your hands inside of.

  3. I am a weak bitch, but I am not afraid to post my numbers.

    225# DL
    HSPU (I used 4 abmats stacked up for a head touch point, because I suck at HSPU)


    Horrible, but my anger fuels me.

  4. Good Morning Outlaws,
    Squat 260 x 8, 275 x 5, 310 x 2 (failed on ), 310 x 1 (failed on 2)
    Diane (all HSPU kipped) – 8’10” Hahahahaha… It’s not funny! Damnit!
    At least I can DL 225 again.

  5. Anyone else still have super sore boobs from Cindy on Saturday? or is that just me. That’s right… I said it… my boobs hurt!

  6. I smoked my left MCL, Patellar tendon and bursa sac in a mountain biking wreck two days ago. So…today’s WOD looked like this:

    Squats: Just worked within about a 15-30% ROM at the top. Loaded from 45-135#

    DL were basically a one-legged affair
    HSPU not a problem

    Didn’t time it…

    Time to get “amongstit” and not let this hamper me.

  7. Strength-
    1 x 8 @ 101kg
    1 x 5 @ 108kg
    1 x 5 @ 115kg
    1 x 3 @ 122kg
    1 x 3 @ 128kg

    Diane = 6:59

    M= 2 F= 2 S= 5

  8. 8 reps @ 85 kg
    5 reps @ 90 kg
    5 reps @ 95 kg
    3 reps @ 100 kg
    2 reps @ 105 kg (failed the last rep)

    Diane: 5:03 RX (no PR/PB)

  9. BBG:
    155, 175, 185, 195f, 195f, 195

    1) 33″
    2) 30
    3) 0
    4) 2:02
    5) I don’t have a rower. I subbed 50 sdhp @ 45#-1:01

  10. Why is it so many of you think we give a shit what you are doing that is not related to the Outlaw Way training regimen… This blog is for posting the results of your Outlaw training not whatever you think is a respectable excuse for training in leiu of it. Save that shit for the .com page where people will revel in the mediocrity of it all. the only thing that is relevant here is the Outlaw way… feel free to boost your ego with some dumb ass tough guy response … or you could actually do the training and someday be something more than someone who jumped on a bandwagon

  11. Strength
    1) 245, 260, 275, 290
    8:27( my hspu’s still suck but getting better, this is a 4 min PR for me, the deads are easy)


  12. Sq – 8-295, 5-315, 5-335, 2-355 (failed 3rd)
    Diane – 3:31 (beat Regional time by 4s)

  13. Squats

    Deads – 21/10,5/9
    HSPU – 8,6,3,2,2/3s and 2s, some singles/2s and singles – all kipping

    PR of 6:04 with strict HSPU.

  14. M/39/180# 5’10”
    Squats :
    95%-365 x2 failed on the third
    DIANA Rx’d- 3:23 Strict HSPU

  15. Strength
    205, 220, 235, 245, 260#

    7:59 PR!!! Did all strict HSPU except the last 3, still suck at kipping.

    I started following Outlaw in mid Feb. so the last Diane time I have to compare this to was done 23 Sept 2011. That time was 11:01, so that’s a PR of 3:02, Fuck Yea!

  16. Rudy, you mean a woman following crossfit programming? What’s Jesscia’s background?

    In US weightlifting, Jessica is just over the 53 kg class and the national womens CJ record is 113 kg (248lbs) in that class, so she’s getting up there, well done! Snatch record is 85.5k (188 lbs).

    In the 48kg class, Tara Nott has logged a 102.5kg (226lbs) CJ in competition.

    In the international weightlifting world, and it is another world in terms of the weights, 48, 53 and 58 kg classes have all hit 90+ kg snatches, with the 53s and 58s breaking into the 100kg + realm. The CJs are approaching 300lbs.

    • Yes, Mr. WL snob, I mean a competitive CF woman. 3 years ago 160# plus was huge, just look at the snatching at the ’09 Games.

      Jess competes as a 53, and she’s already qualified for the American Open and ’13 Nationals. She was a gymnast, like Tara Nott, and pretty much every high level CF woman. She snatches right around 70 also, and I think her total could have gotten her a bronze at Nationals.

  17. Back squats
    1×8- 265
    1×5- 275
    1×5- 295
    1×3- 315
    1×3- 335

    Will potentially do “Diane” later today if my legs still work..

  18. 315, 335, 365, 385, 405. no diane wrist is still lame. any advice on hip str? i’ve been doing super low 1 1/4 w/ reduced weight sat end of work outs and hooking plates to a weight belt and doing lateral side steps w/ weight on lead foot. (sorry i dont have a name for it, no resistance bands here). i can take 550 to like 95% parallel but max at 425 below par, also its killing my oly’s. well that and lack of a coach to teach me form

  19. Strength

    Back Squat: 
    1X8 @ 75% (235)
    1X5 @ 80% (255)
    1X5 @ 85% (265)
    1X3 @ 90% (283)
    1X3 @ 95% (300)

    Diane – 3:37, 1:43 PR
    Lots of kipping

  20. Squat: Ended with 345#x3
    Diane 2:02 with over over grip/slowed me down on a few reps (not sure why I forgot under over)

  21. Strength

    1×8@255, 1×5@265, 1×5@285, 1×3@300, 1×3@315


    7:36-A solid 7 minutes faster than the last (and first time I did this last fall). Made it through round of 21 UB, stepped up to the wall for round of 15 HSPU at about 2:40 and proceeded to shit the bed on the remaining HSPU. DL’s were a bit slow but UB.

  22. 200*8
    Legs still weak but getting stronger everytime

    Diane 4:59. 2 min PR

  23. Squats: all completed based off 114 kg from 120515 (our gym has a bunch of USAW lifters, so don’t hate on the K’s)

    Diane: 4:50 (1:09 PR!!)

    • Also, just about a year into doing CF and I still haven’t figured out how to avoid head rash while doing HSPU.

      Any tips? I’m trying to avoid male-pattern-baldness until I’m at least in my 50s.

  24. Strength: 285×8, 300×5, 320×5, 335×3, 355×3 (based off 375 which is 90% of my recent 1RM…wasn’t following when the 3RM was programmed)

    Diane: 11:25, it was basically how fast could I do 45 HSPUs as the DLs didn’t really slow me down…all that to say my gymnastics are not great…obviously.

  25. BBG
    1. 280, 300, 318, 338, 358 Felt good
    Diane 14:07 first time doing it truly as Rx. I really suck and like to cheat myself on HSPU. NO MORE. Taped out the box finally.

  26. strength: 230, 240, 255, 270, 285
    Conditioning: I did 7-5-3 on the HSPU’s, have trouble doing more than 1 in a row. 5:33 was my time, did the DL’s UB.
    400m time was a disappointing 1:05 today. I think I could do it at sub 55 on a good day

  27. 240 x8
    255 x5
    275 x5
    290 x3
    305 x3

    felt heavier than I thought they would

    Diane 11:22, All deadlifts went UB, HSPU raped me

  28. RESULTS:
    1) 215-225-240-255-270 (x3 slowed in middle. Make this quick out of hole especially on lighter weights)

    1) 3:15

  29. Squats-

    235 x 8
    255 x 5
    265 x 5
    285 x 3
    300 x 3

    No fails. Felt great.

    “Diane”. Fuck this WOD right in the barbells. 11:33.

    I don’t know if I’m too far away from the wall on my HSPU’s (about 20-22″ from the wall), or if my arms are too long (78″ wingspan on a 74″ frame), but they’re really ugly.

    PR by default, was not following Outlaw when you did it previously, and have only been Crossfitting since last december. Have not done Diane before.

    A PR is a PR, dammit!

  30. squats:
    done – 160kg = new 3RM

    Diane: 7:34 (PR) by about a minute or so. really mad because I did not stick to my game plan here, which was to break up the HSPUs so as to avoid fatigue. My first set felt so easy I just kept on keeping on, big mistake, come the round of 9… forget about it.

  31. strength-265,285,305,320,337.5
    diane- 6:16. had to make cindy up on sunday and arms still dead, way to many failed HSPU in my last round (4-6). 1:20 off of pr

  32. First day back after a week and a half of rest/rehab for an old disc problem in lower back that has been acting up. Did squats with what felt solid on the back, which was less than prescribed percentages.

    Squat: 225-275-295-315-335

    Diane: 10:51, PR by 1:02.

  33. Squat:
    1X8 @ 75% (190)
    1X5 @ 80% (205)
    1X5 @ 85% (215)
    1X3 @ 90% (230)
    1X3 @ 95% (240)

    “Diane” – 4:23, 00:47 PR

  34. Strength



    4:27 Need to keep working on HSPU, had to break them up a few times on the 15 and 9. I really thought I was going to be able to make it through unbroken.

  35. Back Squat
    1 x 8 @ 320
    1 x 5 @ 340
    1 x 5 @ 360
    1 x 3 @ 385
    1 x 3 @ 405

    Felt good on every set. Numbers were based off 425.

    6:39 (I FUCKING despise this WOD. It is just the right mix of something that is easy (DL) and something I suck at (HSPU). HSPU are getting better but a long ways to go. Kipping is getting a little smoother but still had a couple of missed reps.)

  36. M/22/6’1/193

    Strength (I messed up and did the percentages based off my 1RM…so it was ugly)
    235, 250, 270, 285, 300(failed on 3rd rep)

    Diane: 11:07
    HSPU were all strict and terrible…need practice…lots of practice

    Got a lot of improvement to make

  37. Had one of those days where I leave the gym shaking my head that I’m not going to the fucking Games.
    2013 has begun.

    Back Squat (% based off 390)
    295 x 8
    315 x 5
    330 x 5
    350 x 3
    370 x 3

    Wore my knee wraps, % work was peanuts. Decided to set a new 3RM

    405 x 3

    And now, Diane…..(Rudy has told me he’s going to explain the disaster at Regionals on tomorrow’s post- so I wont even get into it. Don’t bother looking up my time- it was 3:42)

    1:40 PR (old PR 2:08 from last July)

    1/2/5 (had a missed 102kg snatch hit me in the low back….little sore)

  38. M/45/5’11/185

    Strength: 235, 250, 265, 280, 300

    Diane: 6:21…PR, all strict HSPU

    First time posting, following programming for almost two months…THANKS!!!

  39. BS – 250, 265, 285, 300, 320

    Diane: 6:10 (Mix of strict and kipping HSPU, I need to find a rhythm on the kips. Old PR was 5min flat)

  40. Back Squads
    155 x8
    195×2 failed last rep

    Diane RX 7:13 (4minutes pr) finally have dead lifts unbroken!!!

  41. Percentage based off of a 355 3 rep max.
    8 @ 275, 5 @ 285, 5 @ 295, 3 @ 315, 3 @ 335.
    Two minute rest between sets.

    Diane – 5:27. 49 second PR

    I have been a lurker for a few weeks now with one introductory post. I plan on posting daily from now on. Thanks for the programming.

  42. M/20/6’/175#

    5:36 Rx’d

    I wonder how much better our “Diane” would turn out if we hadn’t done heavy back squats before hand..

  43. 8 x 206#
    5 x 220#
    5 x 235#
    3 x 245#
    3 x 260#

    7:00 RX Handstand push ups got me.

  44. Squats were a blur, me and a partner did about the same on 5-15 so he loaded it up and I squatted it. I know the last set was over 300#
    Diane – 3:59

  45. strength:

    diane scaled:
    15-12-9 225lb dl, wall facing HSPU 7:45 PR by 7:15 also did my first facing away from the wall HSPU

  46. Wow, glad I blew my load at Regionals because I sure suck something awful everytime I do it at my gym, 5:16…fuck.

    BS: 250×8-265×5-280×5-300×3-315×3

  47. Went up all the way to 305# on back squat… First time doing low-bar, so I worked off my 1RM at 335# on high-bar, ended up screwing up and took the percentages off of 340#. I stopped at 90% and failed at the third rep.

    Did my affiliate’s WOD today (I did Diane twice in the past six weeks plus I liked today’s WOD).

    Four rounds for time of:
    7 squat cleans 135#
    7 thrusters 135#
    7 box jumps 24′


    If I could have power cleaned the weight, I would have. That was the only difficult part of the workout (or it made everything else so much more difficult).

    • If you liked your gyms WOD so much then go post that shit on their page. Nobody on here gives a shit about the other shit you do. If you didn’t do the WOD for Outlaw then just don’t fucking post.

      • I’m sorry, but if I decide that every once and a while I want to do my affiliate’s WOD, I can. I still did the strength, so you can kiss my arse kthx.

  48. Squats: 112.5kg, 120, 127.5, 135, 142.5

    Diane: 6:59 Not an all time PR but definitely pretty happy with it. HSPU were a slog today. Deadlift felt like childrens toys.

  49. Squats: 250*8, 270*5, 285*5, 300*3, 315*3

    woke up with a pain in my back (like dislocated rib or something), after the squats it hurt to breath and to move… unable to do “diane”.

  50. WOD 120605:


    Back Squat: 1X8 @ 75%, 1X5 @ 80%, 1X5 @ 85%, 1X3 @ 90%, 1X3 @ 95% – rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.

    1) 199 !, 2) 209 !, 3) 224 !, 4) 234 !, 5) 249 !

    Notes: Percentage is based off of 120515: 263



    Compare to 120207

    21-15-9 of:

    Deadlifts 225/155#

    For time.

    8.44 HSPU all kipping. Kipping felt great, but definitely slowed me down. Strategy should be to do strict, because they are faster, then switch to kipping when fatigued.

    120324: 8.04
    110406: 8.27
    111010: 8.10
    101126: 11.56
    090520: 27.42

  51. Strength
    265,285,300, 320, 335×2, failed last rep
    PR is 3:40, I did this crapstorm in 7:05 after hitting muscle failure. 1st round done in less than a minute. I have a long way to go.

  52. Back Squats – 285×8, 300×5, 320×5, 335×3, 355×2(failed on last rep)

    Diane – 5:35 PR FUCK YEAH!!!!!! Never thought I would be able to do Diane in sub 10 min, I have always sucked something awful at HSPU. My time last go around was 8:48. Definitely have sub 5 in my sights.

  53. Strength (% based off of 300 3RM)
    225@8, 240@5, 255@5, 270@3, 285@3

    Conditioning: “Diane” 12:14 (had to use an abmat and bumpers since the only area I could do HSPU’s on was cement)

  54. 1) based off of 305
    No fails.
    2) 4:43
    Huge PR. 2/7 was 7:15 I think. Everything unbroken ‘cept for 15 set of deads(10,5) Kipped half of HSPU

  55. Strenf: 340, 350, 370, 390. Off a little on the math, and it costs me. The depth fell apart on the end of the 4th set so I shut it down.

    diane: 11:26 un -pr by 2 minutes. dunno what to say, feel like shite this week so far.

  56. For the next week or so, I’m limited by the amount of plates I have in my garage so I went with:

    145×8, 185×5, 185,×5, 195×3, 195×3 That’s roughly 20-25 pounds less than where I should have been, but more plates arrive next week.

    Diane 9:40 scaled at 185 and regular push ups

  57. Me:

    back squats completed with 315, 345, 365, 385, 405

    diane: 4:19 16 seconds faster than Regionals and I’m ten pounds heavier

    Michael Miller :

    diane- 8:35- pr of like 7 minutes
    back squats- 185, 200, 210, 220, 235

  58. BS: 295#x8, 315#x5, 335#x5, 350#x3, 370#x3
    Diane: 7:34, not sure what my last time was exactly but it was in the 8:30 range, so a new PR

  59. Back Squats: Based off 245 3RM.
    Total guess. Don’t have current 3RM. Could have gone 10-20lbs heavier on all sets.

    Diane: 5:36 (abmat w/ 25s)

    Strict 21(11-10)
    Kip 15-9 (8-7 – 9)
    Didn’t hit failure but rested a lot.

    3-3-1-1-1 W/ no rest between, just trying to not round.

  60. Strength:
    8×237.50, 5×252.5, 5×267.5, 3×282.5, 3×297.5. (New 3RM PR)

    Conditioning: “Diane” 3:31 (PR by 17 seconds)

  61. First time posting here, but finally doing Outlaw after going to the camp in Kennesaw. This is my 4th week.
    Strength: 155, 165, 180, 190, 200 (done off 210 1RM – all attempts successful)
    Diane: My shoulder has been bothering me on hspu for about 2 or so weeks. I did a few kipping hspu but shoulder kept catching. Decided to substitute push press for hspu at 65#. There was probably a better sub, but on short notice, that is all I came up with. DL were RX. Time of 5:08.

  62. Squats- 185×8,225×5,235×5,255×3,265×3
    Diane- 14:31 Deadlifts 21 UB, 10+5, 9 UB
    HSPU are my glaring weakness. Fought threw as best I could. Got my first kipping HSPU without falling off the wall. When HSPU improve, I will crush this WOD.

  63. Squats Based off of 205 3RM
    155 x8
    165 x5
    175 x5
    185 x3
    195 x3

    Dianne 10:36 (working on that damn kip) I have googled tons of vieos on the Kip HSPU, any ones you would recomend?

  64. Back Squat- ended w/ 3×350
    Missed rep 3

    3:13 8 second PR

    Then watched my boy Brendan Griffin hit a 1:28 “Diane”.

    Performed @ CrossFit Shifted

  65. Squats based on 300#…went well and comfortably….Diane in 6:09….a 21 sec PR. Still a motor issue on these “Fran” ish efforts. Well…..its not motor…Its BALLS…

  66. 230 x 8
    245 x 5
    260 x 5
    275 x 3
    290 x 2

    11:59 on Fran, RX. I went strict in the first round and burned myself out…. stupid..

  67. Strength:

    Back Squat:
    1×8 @250
    1×5 @267.5
    1×5 @285
    1×3 @300
    1×3 @317.5


    DNF. HSPU with a BW of 220 and no technique whatsoever only amounts to frustration.

  68. Second outlaw workout and first post.

    1×3@95%=330…Failed 3rd rep.

    First time doing Diane…9:16

  69. 225

    Diane: 4:53 (33 secs slower than PR) Can’t really complain.

    DL’s a bit slow, still hurting from CFT.

    This was also my first time doing Diane to regional standards. I was performing it the bumper plate/abmat way, losing that little bounce on the bottom did slow me down a bit.

    Kipping HSPU are improving. I was able to complete the round of 21 unbroken for the first time.

  70. 8 x 205
    5 x 220
    5 x 235
    3 x 250
    3 x 265

    Diane: 12:48

    That was tough…DLs are no problem for me, but the high volume HSPU’s caught up to me right away. Thankfully we practice kipping often with outlaw or else my time would be even more awful. I look forward to crushing this time next go round.

    • Hey I’m curious about your Diane specifics, as your stats are similar to mine at the moment. How fast did you do the first round vs. the rest and did you kip or do strict or mix it up?

  71. 205 x 8 , 220 x 5 , 235 x 5 , 250 x 3 , 265 x 3

    “Diane” – 8:35 2 min PR – includes wiping my 4 yr old when he had a emergency poopie break in the middle of the wod. awesome!

  72. Strength

    265, 280, 300, 315, 335

    Regionals standards

    11:39…went unbroken on deadlifts…that just tells you how BAD my HSPUs are. First time ever doing this WOD

  73. I’m pissed. My strength isnt back for some reason (had some blood sugar issues) so I failed at 95% of my “old” 1rm.

    Back Squat

    265 – 8
    295 – 5
    300 – 5
    320 – 3
    335 – 1
    315 – 3

    Diane – 4:59 – My HSPU’s still suck and so does my kip. I dont get it.

  74. A few days late..

    Warmup up with rowing and cleans

    Back Squat

    135 x 8, 145 x 5, 152.5kg x 5, 162.5kg x 3, 170kg x 3 – Felt real good tonight


    10:58 – 1 min PR, but much slower than I was hoping for (around 8 minutes). My triceps were still very sore from Cindy’s pushups and back cramped up straight away. Next time I’ll do much better.

  75. Back Squat ended between 350-370 x 3 (used chains x3, weigh vests x 3, and weight belt (200lb plates) not quite sure on vest weight and why the 20 pound variance.

    Diane- 3:38 but I had to walk to and from stop watch 6-8 seconds so 3:30-3:32ish.
    Deadlifts felt heavy and I had to breakup which is weird but unbroken on handstand pushups. Think I was fried from the squats.

  76. 250-270-285-300-315

    Diane- 11:31
    *1st time completing as rx’d. The HSPU still kill me.


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