WOD 120524:

Rest day.

“I will watch others laugh and fool around in the gym all day, while I am leashed to the platform.” – Jon North

Thrice – live @ The Howard Theatre (about 15 minutes ago).

20 responses to “120524

  1. Argh! Laura, you broke my streak. I guess that’s the advantage of birthing children for the guy who posts!

    • Same here. No way they would make it to New Zealand either..
      At least I got to see them during the Vheissu tour 5-6 years ago.

      • At least you made it to a show though! I’ve been in love since Identity Crisis and still never managed to make it to a show… Did they play anything from The Illusion of Safety or earlier when you saw em?

      • Mac – I can’t reply to your message for some reason.

        From memory the vast majority of the songs were from Arist in the ambulance and Vhessui. All I remember hearing earlier than that was Deadbolt. Was definitely hanging out for some older stuff but alas, didn’t happen.
        They all seemed sick/exhausted – usually new zealand gets the first or last show of international tours – but it was still amazing.

      • Yah it won’t let me reply to your message either Shaun. I figured they wouldn’t play too much old stuff but I would still cream my pants to hear deadbolt live. From what I heard they were taking requests from people for their set list for this tour. Hopefully Rudy can confirm this but I would have to guess they grinded out a lot of older songs for those long time fans (I hope). Speaking of which I dunno if we have and Refused fans here, but is anyone going to make it to a show for this “comeback tour” of sorts?

  2. So I have a pair of Romaleos 1 in the mail for me right now. Pretty excited to see what a truly stable platform will do for my lifts. I also was able to PR my jerk, and go heavier than I expected with my squats as well as have a beer and enjoy the sun.

    In the words of my people
    “It’s a fine fine day to be an Outlaw!”

  3. Seeing thrice in SoCal stoked you like them outlaw is the shit! Drywall is a pussy he can’t write anything funny anymore.

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