WOD 120119:

Rest day.

I’m sure better commercials have been made (flying “boxes” anyone? LuLz), but this one made me snot Cheerios when I saw it Monday morning (they were gluten free, of course). It’s not that it’s great, it’s just Kobe’s delivery on that last line. Perfect.

I don’t particularly like “words” formed into “sentences,” but when they are formed in a way that brings me “humor” I sometimes find them bearable. This is a grouping of “words” which brought me a small amount of “amusement”: Blah Blah Reebok Commercial (STFU).

Oh, by the way, Jay Rhodes pr’d—again.

I’ve gotta say; this one made me give a little *fuck yeah* under my breath.

Tyler Power Cleaned 305# today. He got 315# with straps right after this and barely missed 335#. Anyone else hate him for being able to pull 305# this high, WITHOUT a hook grip? Don’t worry, form Nazis, I yell at him every day.


16 responses to “120119

    • Jay,
      Fuck that was fast! Nice work. Although its a little slower I would recommend getting use to walking down the wall also. Its a standard we’ve implemented in the past and adds some difficulty to the movement.

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