Rest day.

This will be the last Sunday rest day post I, *awkward pause* post. Just so you know, Sunday is ALWAYS a rest day here in Outlaw land. This allows for two things: 1) You can handle a little more volume during the week because we are programmed for two legit rest days every seven day cycle. 2) I can get drunk.

Both are important; the latter allows for less spelling errors in posts. Anyhoo…


There has been talk of putting together a THIRD Training Camp in Florida. We may have to charge for this one (not a ton – in the $100-$200 range), but I’m sure we’d be a lot closer to many of you who are considering attending the other camps. We MUST, however, know how much interest there is. Please post if you are interested – SERIOUSLY. Hopefully we can involve some of the Atlanta peeps, and most importantly; hopefully it’ll be WARM when we’re there. Florida is warm, right?

9 responses to “111204

  1. Just give me the dates and locations and I’ll try and make it. I’ll definitely make at least one of the training weekends… they’re all probably going to be about the same cost, so it’s just a timing issue. What dates you thinking?

  2. I’d definitely attend. Hope you have the dates early to allow for time off requests from work.

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