Ok, kids. Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for *drum roll*…

The top 3 scores for the first ever WOOCEU are:

Brandon Phillips – 1st Place: 485 points
Jason Hoggan – 2nd Place: 465 points
Jeremy Murdock – 3rd Place: 445 points

I’m not going to post everyone’s scores. If you want to reverse engineer them; I used the Games scoring but tapered it a little earlier due to a field of 12 athletes. WOD scoring looked like:

1st 100
2nd 95
3rd 90
4th 85
5th 83…

Brandon was dangerously close to sweeping, but Jeremy got him by 1 second on the row, and Jason decimated everyone on (remember he had the 3rd best time in the world on the box jump/deadlift regional WOD, and has an unbroken Karen) the deadlift/burpee/wall ball WOD. This was VERY fun. We will do one every 4 weeks, or whenever we know that everyone doesn’t have a comp. I’ll try to announce in advance next time and Laura said she’ll make score sheets. We WILL follow the same 1 hour format – that was certainly the coolest part.

WOD 111018:


10 min to Establish a 1rm Power Clean.
2×1 Power Clean @ 90% (of above) – rest 60 sec.
2×1 Power Clean @ 85% – rest 60 sec.
4a) 3×5 Clean Grip Bent Over Row – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
4b) 3×5 Good Morning – heavy, rest 60 sec.


7 rounds of:

Run 100m
10 T2B
10 KBS 24/16kg

Rest 1:1

For total time.

Notes: 100m run should start 100m from the gym or wherever the work will be performed. There should be no turnaround. Use the rest interval to walk to the starting position.

Talayna & the Florida Chapter on WODs 3&4:

Jeremy & the Tennessee Chapter on WOD 1:

6 responses to “111018

  1. Back in action after a weekend in Missouri.

    1) 245. Tried and failed on 265 twice, and ran out of time.
    2) 220×2
    3) 210×2
    4a) 135, 175, 195
    4b) 135, 185, 185
    5) Used a running clock and a brisk walk instead of a 1:1 rest…and ended up around 14:49 for a total. I went unbroken on everything.

  2. 1) 180 – new PR! Didnt feel exceptionally strong today, but it was time to break the mental plateau from doing 175 half a dozen times. Now where you at 180 squat clean?
    2) 165
    3) 155
    4a) 2×115,3×120
    4b) 95 – just realized this was 3×5 not 5×5. Oh well.

    50-53sec per round for 11:28 grand total

    MFS: 2/6/3 – the fatigue was high because I was there forever and did way more than this today so I could rest before the comp this weekend and still get in all this fun accessory work. Like the frightened mothers faces in the parking lot as I walked by with 150# OH!

  3. First of all, Thanks for that hour of programming genius! That was so much fun!

    4a) 205. new to this movement so just trying to get a feel for it
    4b) 155. Same here. Relatively new movement. Trying to make sure Im using good form.


    oops!! used a 32 kg kb. Not exactly a straight shot but close as we could make it.


  4. 1. 255# Felt strong, 1st time I’ve been able to match my PR at this. Failed at 260#
    2. 225#. Failed at 230# twice actually, must have blew my load on the max.
    3. 215#
    4a. 185# across
    4b. 165#, 175#, 185#
    Conditioning – 14:26, everything unbroken. Had to cover some space and hurdle a few bars the class was using to get to my stations.

  5. 1. 250# (felt pretty rough)
    2. 225#
    3. 215#
    4a. 185# to 225#
    4b. 185# to 245#

    Conditioning – 12:43

    (Talayna & Jeremy — holy sh*t.)

    M/F/S – 4/6/6

  6. 1) 275 (missed 265 twice, went up, missed, then got that damn weight! I was on a mission!)
    2) 250×1, 25×1
    3) 235×1, 235×1
    4a) 185, 225, 255
    4b) 165, 185, 195
    52, 53, 52, 53, 51, 52, 52 total time – 12:10
    (this was chaotically awesome! Pouring rain and pitch dark. Was able to get everything unbroken, the run was about 90 meters but was a gradual uphill and 20 meters was mulch (almost killed myself a couple times running onto it!), good times all around)

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